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Riemon was founded in the early Meiji era in Himi, a town of fishermen. Named after the rising sun on the Sea of Japan, "Akebono" is an auspicious sake that was used for the Yokozuna promotion party of the 64th Yokozuna, Akebono Satoru. The sake is brewed by hand in the traditional way. (Toyama Sake Brewers Association)


Ryuuichi Takasawa
Ryuuichi Takasawa
Toyama 18-7 Kitadaimachi, Himi CityGoogleマップで開く
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
indeterminate rest period (e.g. from work)


Japanese cooking

This is a restaurant where you can casually enjoy delicious fish including "cold yellowtail" in Himi, which is known for its "cold yellowtail". We also offer a wide variety of our sake. You can enjoy the delicious fish of Himi with our sake not only during the "cold yellowtail" season, but also in other seasons!

Sushiya no Shirokou

Sushi restaurant with many fans outside of Toyama Prefecture. If you want to eat Himi's "KITOKITO" fish in sushi! If you want to eat "KITOKITO" fish in sushi, you should definitely come here. The sushi is superb, with each fish seasoned and served in a way that suits it best!

Banya Cuisine Himihama

Himi Hama's cuisine is synonymous with Himi's "cold yellowtail! So they are particular about "cold yellowtail," but there are other dishes as well, In addition, crab and rock oyster dishes are also recommended. Not only fish, but also local sake, and only Ariiso Akebono is available. We have a wide selection of sake, so you will be able to find the perfect sake to go with your meal!


Yu no sato ikemori annex AMAZA-Tenza

An annex of the hidden inn "Yunosato Ikemori" located in a quiet satoyama in Himi. You can enjoy a meal named "Jodo Ryori," which is in harmony with the climate and the culture of the land of Himi. In addition, the private open-air bath with natural hot spring water, where you can bathe while gazing at the night sky, is available for exclusive use by wheelchair users. This is a universal design inn.

Kura Stay Ikemori

It is a small inn with only three twin rooms. The reason why the inn is a "separate dining and lodging" facility is because we want our guests to discover the delicious restaurants frequented by the locals. We can also introduce you to restaurants that meet the tastes of those staying with us. What we would also like you to enjoy is our special "Sake Bar". You can taste not only our brewery's sake, but also Toyama's local sake and sake from outside the prefecture that the proprietress has encountered.

Natural Hot Spring Beach Inn Asahiya

You can fully enjoy fresh seafood from Himi and Toyama Bay, which the owner himself has carefully selected. Located on the seashore of Himi, please take a stroll along the beach and enjoy Himi at your leisure!


This small inn offers delicious seafood from Himi, Toyama Bay, and Noto, as well as wild vegetables from the fields and mountains of Himi, and local vegetables. The delicious cuisine is of course highly recommended, but the view of the Tateyama mountain range from the room over the fly islands is spectacular. The sea is just behind the inn, and you can also enjoy fishing from the private fishing pier. The inn is scheduled to be renovated in April 2024.