Hayakawa Brewery

Sake that is gentle, human-feeling, and enriches the soul. Even the most blessed natural environment and raw materials can change for the better or for the worse depending on the person who handles them. Sake can only come from a clean place. We clean the tools and environment in which we handle sake every day, and brew Tamitsu using soft and clean underground water, which is a blessing of nature from the Suzuka Mountains, and rice carefully cultivated by farmers over a long period of time. We will continue to brew sake that is somewhat gentle and somewhat natural when you drink it, so that we can express our thoughts from the farmer to the brewer, from the brewer to the liquor store, and from the liquor store to everyone with our sake.


Toshihito hayakawa
Toshihito hayakawa
Mie 468 Kojima, Komono-cho, Mie-gunGoogleマップで開く


Roan Onmi (Komono-cho)

Kappo cuisine with ingredients that remind you of the four seasons

Clam Cuisine Hinode

Hamaguri Shabu Shabu (Hamaguri Shabu Shabu with local clams from Kuwana is excellent!

Japanese Cuisine KANJI

The dishes served in the old private house are all exquisite, prepared with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients and the best of the season.

Edomachi Sugimoto

The sushi is superb, made mainly from local ingredients such as clams and seaweed from Kuwana, and carefully prepared one by one.

Soba Cutter Ishigaki

Soba Kiri Ishigaki was opened by Yusuke Ishigaki, who studied at the Michelin-starred Naniwa O, a member of the "O-Daruma" family that popularized handmade buckwheat noodles with completely homemade flour. Following the tradition of O-O's traditional nihachi soba, which is completely home-made, Ishigaki has realized a restaurant where you can simply enjoy soba and sake. Please enjoy the neat taste of soba and the smoothness of its throat, as Mr. Ishigaki focuses on the power of the natural water from the Yunoyama Onsen hot spring, which brings out the full aroma of domestic soba noodles.

Yakitori Nikawa

Every detail of the chicken handled, the fire of the ingredients, and the assembly of the course is thought out in detail. This is excellent yakitori that evolves no matter how many times you visit.

Ise Mitsuruen

Japanese cuisine that makes the most of local ingredients from Ise, Mie Prefecture. You will be impressed by the local ingredients and the four seasons in a comfortable space.


aqua Ignis

Shakagatake in the Suzuka Mountains spreading out before your eyes with hot spring water flowing from the source

Shima Kanko Hotel

Classical guest rooms with the taste of Togo Murano, one of the most famous architects of the Showa period. The view of Kenshima from the window and the warm and relaxing atmosphere will provide you with a peaceful stay. The restaurant "La Mer the Classic" serves traditional French cuisine with seafood, and you can enjoy an elegant time while watching the sun set over Ago Bay.


Kuwana is a water town blessed with the natural bounty of the three Kiso Rivers. A little further down the Sakurazutsumi River, overlooking the majestic Ibi-Nagara River, you will find CASA WATARI, a small luxury space quietly tucked away.

Yunoyama Onsen Sotsukiai

Clay, stone, plaster, wood, lacquer, Japanese paper, glass, and iron The theme is based on eight different materials. Soshiki-Ie, a museum-like inn with 12 villas We chose the most beautiful and genuine materials for each of the 12 villas, The 12 villas were created to be enhanced with time. The space is furnished with contemporary art, crafts, antiques, and antiques, The space is like a very cozy museum. Next time I want to stay in that villa, I want to experience the materials and the art. The enjoyment of staying in such a villa will expand.

Nordic Hygge Circles UGAKEI

At night, you fall asleep looking up at the stars and wake up to the sun's rays. Gazing at the lush trees of Ugakkei, you will feel as if you are one with nature. Dinners made with local ingredients and the space is best decorated with furniture by Carl Hansen & Son, a long-time favorite in Denmark.