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Located in the center of a delta formed at the mouth of the Abu River, the brewery's head brewer, toji (master brewer), and brewers have worked together since its establishment to produce sake with a focus on quality. The sake that accompanies the drinker and the meal without insisting on itself is not flashy, but is easy to imbibe. The sake is not flashy, but it has a gentle taste that seems to seep into the body. It is not flashy, but it has a gentle taste that soaks into the body and brings comfort to the drinker.


Kiichiro Iwasaki
Kiichiro Iwasaki
During winter brewing , Sunday


Hagi Sake and Hagi Snacks MARU

This restaurant offers "new" creative local cuisine that makes the most of the ingredients available in Hagi. Starting with the famous "Miran Beef Nigirizushi", you can enjoy original dishes with unique names such as "Sanjyu Maru", "Bone Skin Sujiemon Age", and "Tomiyama-kun". In addition, you can enjoy seasonal local Hagi ingredients such as sashimi assortments of local fish, Hagi tamage eggplant, Miran beef, and Mutsumi pork. It is also nice that dishes are served in Hagi-ware dishes. Hagi's local sake, which goes well with the dishes, and original cocktails using summer oranges are also available, and the stylish atmosphere is popular among people of all ages. The first floor has tables and counters, and the second floor has tatami rooms for large groups.


This authentic kappo restaurant focuses on fresh, seasonal seafood caught off the coast of Hagi. The chef carefully selects natural ingredients such as Hagi amadai (sea bream), squid, and sea urchin, so that you can fully enjoy their natural flavors. We recommend the "chef's omakase course," which offers the best flavors of the day. The menu changes each day depending on the fish landed and other carefully selected ingredients, so no matter how many times you visit, you will never get tired of the taste of Hagi.

Izakaya Gin

This popular izakaya is located right next to the Choyo Fukumusume sake brewery. From fresh fish landed that day to vegetables grown in the rich nature of the land, each dish at "Gin" is made with the utmost care. Choyo Fukumusume's nigori sake is the secret ingredient in the dashimaki tamago (rolled egg).

Sushi Restaurant Toyotsuki

This sushi restaurant is located a 3-minute walk from the Hagi Bus Center. It is known for the freshness of its sushi items as well as the exquisite balance between the sushi and the rice, and its beautiful appearance, which attracts even the most discerning customers. In particular, the restaurant is proud of its conger eel, which is said to be the standard for a good sushi restaurant. The lunchtime "nigiri set menus" and "two-tier bento boxes" offer satisfying sushi at reasonable prices.


Hagihonjin, a souce-of-spring inn

The inn is located uptown to the left of Shoin Shrine and a 10-minute walk from Matsushita-murajuku, where you can quietly feel the history and emotion of Hagi. From the Azumayama Observatory behind the inn, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Hagi Castle and its 360,000 goku, the castle town of Hagi, the islands in the Sea of Japan, the setting sun on the horizon, and the night view below. The Hagi Honjin Onsen, also known as "ancient hot spring" and awakened from a 20,000-year sleep, is a hot spring resort with 14 different types of baths and a "yunomaru" hot spring resort area! The baths are also available for day-trip bathing, so guests who are not staying overnight can use the baths as well.

Kitamon Yashiki

This luxury inn is located on the spacious grounds of the former Mori mansion, which covers an area of approximately 3,000 tsubo. After passing through the front gate of the samurai residence, you will find a Japanese garden, an English garden, and four buildings spaciously arranged in the spacious grounds, with a chic blend of Japanese and Western styles. Located in the Horiuchi and Buke Yashiki district, where summer oranges and earthen walls still remain in the townscape, the hotel is situated on a 3,000 tsubo site of the former Mori residence, with a hokumon garden and patio for enjoying seasonal flowers, a zelkova-style shoyotei, and a large bath for relaxing and enjoying a moment of elegance in an advanced space. Surrounded by historic sites and places of interest, the hotel is also an ideal location for strolling around samurai residences and the castle town. There is also a sister inn, Ganshima Villa, by the Matsumoto River with an open-air hinoki cypress bath in each room.

Resort Hotel Mihagi

An inn with a spectacular view overlooking the Sea of Japan and natural hot springs. A seaside resort hotel built along the beautiful "Kikugahama" beach with white sand and green pines, with natural hot spring water from its own source. The hotel also offers a variety of facilities such as a bathtub and sauna. It is conveniently located within walking distance to Hagi Castle Town for sightseeing! An open-air bath will open in 2018, and guest rooms with open-air baths in 2020, allowing guests to enjoy the sea view!