Sanwa Shurui Co.,Ltd

Sanwa Sake Breweries, Ltd. was founded in 1958 as a joint bottling plant by three sake breweries (which became four the following year). The history and traditions of each brewery have come together, and Sanwa Shuzo's history, which began with sake, has now expanded to include shochu, wine, liqueurs, and food products. Waka Botan" sake brewed at Sanwa Shuzo is served as the sacred sake of Usa Jingu Shrine (Usa City, Oita Prefecture), which is the main shrine of more than 40,000 Hachiman shrines throughout Japan and is designated as a national treasure. With "quality first" as the company's basic philosophy, the ingredients and water are carefully selected, and every effort is made to brew sake with the utmost care and skill.


Masahiko Shimoda
Takahiro Sato
Oita 2231-1 Oaza-yamamoto, Usa CityGoogleマップで開く
10:00-17:00 *Head office tours are not available. Only the Karashima Kuukunokura can be visited.
Wednesdays (open if Wednesday is a national holiday), Bon Festival, Year-end and New Year holidays
10:00-17:00 *Not available at the head office. Sales over-the-counter at Karashima Kukunokura.
Wednesdays (open if Wednesday is a national holiday), Bon Festival, Year-end and New Year holidays


Sake Bar Akaihana

Sake Bar is located in Beppu, one of Oita's most popular tourist destinations. The bar always has 20 kinds of sake on hand, which can be enjoyed with a variety of dishes that will please sake lovers.

Beppu Sake Stand 巡

A stylish standing bar where you can enjoy "brewed sake" such as beer, sake, and wine. You can enjoy Waka Botan and other Oita-produced sake along with the brewery's story.


Tatsumi has been in business for 100 years. The fourth-generation owner of Tatsumi is now the master of this restaurant. You can enjoy pairing local specialties of Usa such as "Dojo", "Ganjiru", "Ajiichi Negi", "Usa Karaage" with local sake "Waka Botan". The owner will advise you on the best way to drink depending on the dishes of the day.

Yamasa Ryokan

A restaurant specializing in suppon has been located in Ajimuin, Usa City, Oita Prefecture since 1920. Only suppon that have grown to over 1 kg are carefully selected. The suppon are fed in a well on the premises for one month before cooking, and the smell and peculiarities of the suppon are surprisingly eliminated. We serve suppon in "mizutaki" style so that you can enjoy the original taste of the ingredients. It is served with "Ajimuin Wine" and "Waka Botan" local sake.


Yamasa Ryokan

A long-established suppon ryotei established in 1920. It is modern, luxurious, and clean. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, you can spend a relaxing time in the location. Eight Japanese-style rooms and two Western-style rooms. You can enjoy suppon cuisine, a specialty of Ajimu, Usa City, Oita Prefecture, "Ajimu wine" and locally brewed sake "Waka Botan".

Yufuin Tamanoyu

The "Gosanke" of Yufuin, Oita, a hot-spring prefecture famous for its "inns you want to stay at least once in your life. Yufuin Tamanoyu began in 1953 as a recreation center for a Zen temple. The theme of the meals is "local production for local consumption," and fresh vegetables, Wagyu beef, Yutaka no Shamo, Ayu (sweetfish), landlocked salmon, and other safe and reliable local ingredients are used. The dishes are prepared with the utmost care and research, aiming for a "refined taste of the countryside.

Villa Muryotoda

The "Gosanke" of Yufuin, Oita, a hot spring resort prefecture famous for its "inns you want to stay at least once in your life. Sanso Murata is a hot spring resort consisting of 12 buildings that have been relocated from old private homes and restored in a modern style under the concept of "Recreate. All guest rooms are "detached" so that guests can relax at their own pace without worrying about other guests.

Kamenoi Villa

The "Gosanke" of Yufuin, Oita, a hot spring prefecture famous for its "inns you want to stay at least once in your life. Kamenoi Besso was originally built as a villa for inviting noblemen, and its hospitality has been passed down from generation to generation. The 14 separate rooms and 6 Western-style rooms have different atmospheres, and all have hot spring baths.

Beppu Onsen Suginoi Hotel "Sorakan

Opening on January 26, 2023. Located at the highest point on the grounds of Suginoi Hotel. Guest rooms offer a sophisticated design for a relaxing stay, and an open-air bath with a panoramic view from a height of 250 meters above sea level, The restaurant, which offers a wide variety of dishes using local ingredients, allows guests to enjoy the attractions of Beppu with spectacular views.