Mie's rich climate nurtures clean water and high-quality rice. We are close to the land and to our customers through sake brewing rooted in the terroir. From the bounty of beautiful nature, we offer a cup of healing. It is a sake of happiness that enriches your life. Please enjoy the clear taste of nature to your heart's content.


Iwamoto Yasushi
yasuda hiroyuki
Mie 672-1 Visson, Taki Town, Taki County, Taki Prefecture, Food Festival 4Googleマップで開く


O Ise

Aisaburo Ito, who studied at "Resutaurant YEN" in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris, France, opened "Ise-ou", a famous soba restaurant "Yamanashi-ou", which has spread the use of completely homemade milling. He has studied at "Resutaurant YEN" in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris, France, and now he is the owner of "Ise-o". The recommended menu item to go with Fukuwagura is Zarusoba.

Tempura Tenko Ise no Kuni

The restaurant is the goodwill branch of "Ozashiki Tempura Tenko" in Kagurazaka, Tokyo, which enjoys a large following from overseas celebrities and other prominent figures in various fields. You can enjoy tempura that draws out the individuality (umami) of the ingredients, using plenty of seafood and fresh vegetables from Mie. The recommended menu item to go with Fukuwazo is abalone tempura with liver sauce.


NOUNIYELL is a farm and restaurant operated with the concept of "giving a shout-out to the future of agriculture" in cooperation with Kewpie Corporation. In the farm area, a sustainable and organic farm is created under the supervision of Mr. Shinpei Murakami, former chairman of Ai-No-Kai, and in the attached restaurant, you can enjoy Italian cuisine under the supervision of Mr. Masayuki Okuda, an Italian chef famous for his commitment to local production for local consumption. The restaurant offers Italian cuisine that is healthy for both the body and the soul, using fresh vegetables picked daily from the farm. The recommended menu to go with Fukuwazo is seasonal appetizers, e.g. carpaccio of fresh fish in season.

Kasaan Pros and Cons

Surrounded by nature, you can soak in herbal baths, relax, and enjoy delicious Japanese food with your like-minded friends and family at this place ....... I wish I could be a guest. I wish I could help create memories. Kasa-an" is a Japanese restaurant with the motto of "skill, tongue, and playful spirit" and is filled with the thoughts of the master Kasahara. The recommended menu to go with Fukuwazo is Kasan Omakase Gozen.



HOTEL VISON is an accommodation facility within VISON, one of the largest commercial resort facilities in Japan, located in Mie Prefecture. The hotel consists of a 6-room villa building, where guests can enjoy a private and independent stay, and a 155-room hotel building, which is built on the slope of a mountain and offers magnificent views of nature from every room. VISON's spacious facility, which is about 24 times the size of the Tokyo Dome, has about 70 stores, restaurants, and bath facilities, allowing guests to enjoy their trip within the facility. The hotel is conveniently located as a base for sightseeing in Mie Prefecture, with Ise Jingu Shrine and Kumano Kodo (Kumano ancient road) in the neighborhood, which are among the most famous sightseeing spots in Japan.

Toba International Hotel

Renewal opening on March 25, 2024! The hotel boasts an excellent location overlooking Toba Bay and cuisine that makes the most of seasonal delicacies from Ise-Shima.

Inn of the Innocents Iku (Kyoritsu Resort)

Approximately 15 minutes walk to Ise Jingu "Inner Shrine". All rooms have an open-air bath