Kikunotsukasa Sake Brewery

Kikuno-ji Sake Brewery aims to brew sake with a crisp, clear flavor by taking advantage of the severe cold of Morioka, the coldest city in Honshu, and its soft spring water. The Nakatsu River, which runs directly behind the Kiku-no-Masa Brewery, is a calm, clear stream with a shimmering riverbed throughout the year. In summer, ayu (sweetfish) fishing is popular, in autumn salmon come up to spawn, and in winter swans fly in. At our brewery, water from the subsoil of the Nakatsu River is pumped from a well and used as brewing water. The water, polished by the earth of Iwate, contains moderate mineral content and is soft. This brewing water is the lifeblood of our brewery, bringing out the flavor of the rice and carefully fermenting it at low temperatures. The brewery uses locally grown rice for more than 90% of the rice used for sake brewing, with "Yunokou," "Ginotome," and "Ginginga" as the main rice varieties suitable for sake brewing. The soft-water brewing process easily brings out the flavor of the rice, and slow, low-temperature fermentation for three weeks or longer produces sake with a bright aroma and a strong, crisp flavor. It has a gorgeous yet core flavor, with a good balance of sourness, bitterness, and astringency in addition to sweetness.


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Hachimanya Iroha

A prosperous restaurant in the good old downtown area of Morioka, run by the proprietress and her brothers. Every night, the restaurant is crowded with local regular customers. The spicy dishes that grab the proprietress' stomach and her specialties, binchotan kushiyaki, are a must-try.

restaurant rii-sai-

The owner, a native of Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture, is a skilled chef at "Izakaya" on Morioka Minami-Odori Street. The restaurant is crowded with local regulars who are attracted by the at-home atmosphere and can enjoy fresh and delicious seafood and local sake from all over the country. The restaurant has a reputation among regular customers for being "good at every single thing.


Sake and wine store located right next to the old Morioka bus center. Chef Muramatsu's beautiful dishes and sommelier Kikuchi's pairings are enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere. It is the perfect place for a special evening.

Fureai Sake Bar Gajyumaru

This restaurant specializes in Okinawan cuisine, a rarity in Morioka. The restaurant offers a wide variety of sake, including limited edition sake from the Kiku no Tsukasa Sake Brewery, making it a rare place to experience the unique combination of Morioka's sake and Okinawan cuisine.

Iwate-ya Branch

This is a restaurant in Yushima, Tokyo, where you can thoroughly enjoy sake and shochu from the Kiku no Tsukasa Sake Brewery. Ingredients are carefully selected by the owner through direct communication with the producers, and are abundant in season, such as wild vegetables. It is a well-established restaurant where those in the know can experience the climate of Iwate in the middle of Tokyo.


Four Seasons Museum Colorful Winter

Vegetables are local seasonal vegetables and vegetables grown at Saiwai Farm with reduced use of agricultural chemicals. Fresh fish are first-class products delivered from the market every morning. Meat is the life grown in the nature of the hometown. Asa-ba is a simple but nourishing country cuisine. The inn has 19 guest rooms of five different types, all with different layouts and furnishings, so you will never get tired of the inn no matter how many times you visit. The hot spring baths include an open-air bath made of hiba cypress with a view of the forest illuminated by lights and an indoor bath wrapped in solid wood. In addition, there is a "private open-air bath" available by reservation only. All bathtubs are filled with "sodium-calcium-sulfate-chloride hot spring (hypotonic, slightly alkaline hot spring)," which is known as "hot water for beautiful skin.