Katsuyama Supreme Sake Co.,Ltd.

We aim to express the original deliciousness and clear flavor of sake by making all of our sake with the utmost precision and purity.


Heizo Isawa
Mitsuaki Gotou
Miyagi 25-1, Fukuoka-ji, Izumi-ku, SendaiGoogleマップで開く


Amano (Sendai City)

The owner of this Japanese restaurant, which is open by reservation only, has an insatiable desire to improve his cuisine.

The Season of Joy (Sendai, Japan)

The owner's passion for sake and the pairing of sake with food at this creative Japanese cuisine restaurant is superb.

Shintomi Sushi (Aoba-ku, Sendai)

Located in Bunka Yokocho, a corner of Ichibancho, a 10-minute walk from the west exit of Sendai Station, this friendly sushi restaurant serves quality fresh fish in a traditional atmosphere with many traditional restaurants.

Tokaname Tomizou (Aoba Ward, Sendai City)

We are a sake brewery that values Japanese tradition and the flavor of the ingredients, and allows you to enjoy with all your senses the technique of combining ingredients and bringing out the best of each other's flavor.


Takizumi-so (Kura-no-machi)

Surrounded by the great nature of Zao, you can fully experience a sense of the extraordinary, sophisticated cuisine and relaxing luxury.

Sendai Akiu Onsen Hotel Zuiho (Taihaku-ku, Sendai City)

You can enjoy the seasonal atmosphere of Akiyu Onsen, one of the three best hot springs in Japan, and enjoy Zuiho's signature dishes made with seasonal ingredients and ingredients of the season.

Akiu Grand Hotel (Taihaku-ku, Sendai City)

You can enjoy hot springs with different views and different atmospheres that will heal you as you experience the four seasons, and enjoy seasonal ingredients and very popular classic menus to your heart's content.

Century Matsushima Hotel (Matsushima Town)

Overlooking Matsushima Bay with its spectacular view, guests can enjoy the natural hot spring water of the highest quality. We offer the best freshly prepared seasonal delicacies from the mountains and seas of Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture.

Hotel Matsushima Taikanso (Matsushima Town)

Guests can enjoy bathing while enjoying the magnificent and beautiful location of Matsushima, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan, and a buffet menu of Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes made from local Miyagi produce and seasonal ingredients are served freshly prepared in the open kitchen.

Matsushima Ichinobo (Matsushima Town)

Enjoy the view of the islands of Matsushima Bay from the hot spring with a panoramic view, the moonlit road and star-filled sky at night, and the sunrise from the Pacific Ocean in the morning. Please spend your own moment of healing.

Sakan Matsushima Matsuan (Matsushima Town)

You will encounter beautiful paintings and antiques as if you were visiting a small museum. Please spend a moment of eternity in a space where you can get in touch with the nature of Matsushima.