KAWAKEI SHOTEN General Partnership Corp.

The "To the end of tradition. Going beyond tradition. Founded in Japan's oldest gold-producing region, which was mentioned in the Manyoshu anthology, our brewery has been brewing mainly using the Yamahai brewing method, which has been passed down from generation to generation. The philosophy behind our sake brewing is to "bring sparkle to every day. Just as gold shines more beautifully when it flows into clear water, we want to brew with a refined heart and create sake with a sparkling appearance. When you end the day with happiness. A time of blessing. A time of healing. We would be more than happy if we could be your companion.


Makiko Kawana
Yuri Kawana


one mind

As the sign says, "Miyagi sake is the treasure of the Miyagi people," it is clear that the owner truly loves Miyagi sake. This is a restaurant where you can fully enjoy Miyagi.


Enjoy pairing Edo-mae sushi and sake in Miyagi. So much so that fans visit from all over Japan.

Tori, Yasai and Sake Tomoyan

As the name suggests, the restaurant focuses on Miyagi chicken, vegetables, and sake. The restaurant employs a sake risseur, shochu risseur, sake master, sake study instructor, and vegetable sommelier, and offers over 100 varieties of Miyagi sake and other local sake from all over Japan at any given time.


Matsushima Sakan Matsuan

Matsujima, one of Japan's three most scenic spots, is said to have left Matsuo Basho speechless with its spectacular view. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery as if you had it all to yourself. The comfortable silence, warm hospitality, seasonal Miyagi cuisine, and soothing baths will make your stay an unforgettable experience. The restaurant is also available for lunch.

Chaliao Zongyuan

Akiu Onsen, a hot spring located deep in the heart of Sendai. The garden, architecture, and cuisine can all be enjoyed in the vast grounds of 8,000 tsubo.

Onsen Sanso Dai-kon-no-hana

18 rooms are located in a natural forest of about 10,000 tsubo, You can enjoy the hot spring water from our own hot spring source and become one with the richness of nature. The cuisine using fresh local ingredients from our own vegetable garden is also exquisite.