Yuugengaisha niidahonke

Niida Shizenshu
Founded in 1711. With a mission to be a sake brewery that preserves the rice fields of Japan, we grow rice naturally in our own rice paddies, make 100% natural rice, 100% pure rice, and 100% natural sake mother, and also produce and sell fermented rice products. We aim to be a self-sufficient brewery and do not use any processing aids that are not required to be labeled. We make our own wooden vats from cedar trees from our own mountain, and we use naturally grown rice from our own fields, natural water, and the power of microorganisms living in the brewery to make sake that only the town of Tamura, where the brewery is located, can produce!


Yasuhiko Niida
Yasuhiko Niida
Fukushima 139 Aza Takayashiki, Kanazawa, Tamura-cho, Koriyama CityGoogleマップで開く
Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays


Izakaya Yasube (Omachi, Koriyama City)

The warmth of the 130-year-old wood can be felt in the restaurant. We serve our signature dishes and the best sake while you feel the history of the restaurant! We serve each dish with care and attention. Please spend the best time in our at-home atmosphere to heal your daily fatigue or to cheer up your friends...♪ We carefully select local ingredients and use more than 70% of them! This proves that we always use the freshest ingredients! We are sure that each and every dish is delicious because we put a lot of care and thought into it....

Ryuusenbo (Shimizu Terrace, Koriyama City)

Ryusenbo is located in Shimizudai, Koriyama City, and has an old-fashioned mansion-style storefront that is quite charming. The owner, Mr. Takao Saito, studied under Mr. Yasuo Katakura, who is known as a master of buckwheat noodle making, and mastered the art of buckwheat noodle making. He has been a favorite of many buckwheat noodle lovers, including celebrities from various fields. The taste of "san-tate" (freshly ground, freshly beaten, and freshly boiled) buckwheat noodles, carefully selected from the finest buckwheat flour and ground with a homemade millstone grinder, is just one of the many reasons why Saito-san's soba is often described as "the work of a professional full of amateurism. The true essence of his work is expressed in his "Soba Kaiseki," a dish that offers various ways to enjoy Soba. Ryusenbo's Soba Kaiseki is filled with unconventional ideas. For example, Mizusoba, which is soba served with water, is served in a wine glass, or soba is combined with foie gras. In a sense, this is someth

chic Marushin

A Japanese-style space that creates a relaxing time. Enjoy fresh ingredients delivered daily from all over Japan at Marushin. The interior of the restaurant is very modern. It has a stylish blend of Japanese and Western styles that cannot be described as either Japanese or Western. There are about 3 private rooms, 8 seats at the counter, and 4 sets of table seats, totaling about 40 seats. Lunch is inexpensive, starting at 1,000 yen. We visited for dinner, but Iki Marushin does not have a menu. Three types of courses are available: the Iki Course for 4,500 yen, the Omakase Course for 6,000 yen, and the Special Course for 7,500 yen. They do not have a detailed menu like most restaurants, and the reason for this is that the menu changes every season and every day depending on the availability of ingredients.


Otogi-no-Yado Yoneya (Iwabuchi, Sukagawa City)

Otogi-no-Yado Yoneya is an inn where you can leave your daily routine behind and enjoy your stay itself to refresh your mind and body. It is not our aim to simply use BIO/organic ingredients or to be environmentally friendly. We want our guests to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, delicious food, and a comfortable stay at Yoneya, and we are constantly searching for ways to make that happen. We have always been searching for a way to make our guests feel at home, and now we have come up with BIO HOTEL. The hot spring water, which has been described as "so smooth that you don't need lotion," is free-flowing from the source in the open-air baths named "Tsuki" and "Hana," the indoor "Oyu" and "Koyu," the mist sauna, and the open-air baths provided in every room. Moreover, all of them are piped so that they are not exposed to the air and lose their spring quality. The temperature is adjusted by the hot-spring guardian, and because the spring water is poured directly from the source, it may be a little hot. Please enjoy

Yu no Yado Rakuzan

Yunoyado Rakuzan. Yunoyado Rakuzan, a ryokan in Bandai Atami Onsen. Six bright red kamado dishes are very popular. The dishes are locally produced for local consumption and change monthly with the taste of your mother's cooking. Three private baths with different atmospheres are available. All guests are welcome to use the baths barefoot.

Four Seasons Color One Power

Bandai Atami Onsen, a hot spring resort surrounded by magnificent nature. The tranquility of eternity surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges. The clear stream of the Gohyaku River flows from Lake Inawashiro. Shikisai Ichiriki" is filled with the gentle flow of a tributary of the river, and beautifully decorated from season to season. The cuisine is fragrant with the season's flavors, the hot spring water gently envelops the body and soul, and the hospitality is sure to thrill the senses. We look forward to welcoming you with the colors of the four seasons.