Hiroseshoten Co.

The sake brewing business was established in this area about 200 years ago, and based on this tradition, we try to preserve the umami taste so that our customers never get tired of drinking our sake. We purchase our own rice for Daiginjo-shu and our representative brand, Seisen Shirakiku, by contracting directly with the rice growers who use the rice as raw material.


Jyunichi Hirose
Michio Kubota
880 Takahama, Ishioka-shi, IbarakiGoogleマップで開く
Open Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays from April to October; open daily from November to March. Reservations required by phone in advance.
9:00-12:00 13:00-17:00
Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays


Takagi Sake & Snacks

It is an izakaya (Japanese style bar) in Ishioka, my hometown. The president is young and energetic, and the restaurant is full of life.

Sake Shuzen Honten

Located in Mito, this restaurant is well known for its cuisine using Ibaraki ingredients with a focus on Ibaraki's local sake.

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Fresh vegetables directly from the fruit and vegetable market All of our vegetables and fruits are freshly picked at our affiliated company's fruit and vegetable market, and we offer the freshest seasonal vegetables available anywhere. Ishioka's famous sake "Ishioka, the largest brewing town in Ibaraki Prefecture Ishioka is the largest brewing town in Ibaraki Prefecture. Tsukuba," "Watabune," "Fuchu Homare," "Benibeichiran," "Yuzu Shiragiku," "Nagarei," etc. Hitachiniku Beef "High-quality flavor, unique taste and sweetness. A brand of black Wagyu beef raised by designated beef producers! Yumino Pork "Characterized by its high quality fat and tender meat. Safe and Secure SPF Brand Pork A rare and valuable brand of pork raised only by Yumino Chikusan. Tsukuba Chicken: "Tender and juicy without the distinctive chicken smell. The only chickens in the Kanto region that are raised without any antibacterial or other disease-preventing drugs during the pre-breeding period (from the time the chicks are

Jikuan Tsukuba-so Sake Shuju

A restaurant that continues to advocate "local production for local consumption" in Ibaraki, where you can enjoy the flavors of Ibaraki. Ingredients purchased directly from farmers throughout the prefecture are fresh and delicious. The restaurant is proud of its handmade buckwheat noodles, which are made from 100% "Hitachi-Aki Soba," the highest-priced buckwheat in Japan, and are made using a millstone from the very beginning. It is a luxurious dish that goes well with the soba-tsuyu (buckwheat sauce), which has a firm texture and is rich in broth.


This cozy restaurant is a 5-minute walk from Ishioka Station and is run by a father and daughter. The menu is mainly Japanese food with sake from four breweries in Ishioka City.

Charcoal Beef Kushi Wolfsmoke

First in Mito Focusing on the flavor of each and every skewer Beef skewers specialty restaurant At Wolfsbane, enjoy all the tasty parts of Wagyu beef. Our motto is "Enjoy all the tasty parts of Wagyu beef. Starting with beef thighs, we offer lean meat that accentuates the flavor of the meat. Fatty meat with moderate marbling and a melt-in-your-mouth flavor Hormones with a unique texture and richness that slowly overflows. By carefully grilling each part of the meat over charcoal We bring out the best of the original flavor of the beef and serve it to our customers, We offer them to our customers. Our beef skewers can be seasoned with tare (sauce), salt, or miso, We also offer beef skewers that are grilled without any seasoning such as sauce, salt, miso, etc., and served with dashi soy sauce, The best beef skewers are served at the best wolfsbane, We offer a wide variety of beef skewers We have a wide variety of beef skewers. We offer a wide variety of beef skewers such as rump, mino sandwich, and shing

Tsukuyomi (god of the moon in Shinto and mythology)

The restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere with a focus on Ibaraki ingredients and Ibaraki's local sake, as well as a carefully prepared menu and attentive customer service.

Restaurant Asakusa Mizuguchi

~Thanks to your support, we are celebrating our 60th year in business. We have been in business since 1950 as Mizuguchi Shokudo, a set meal restaurant in Asakusa's Roku-ward, celebrating 60 years. We have been serving both locals and tourists.

Asakusa Tokiwa Shokudo

Located in the center of Asakusa, the second restaurant on the left in front of Kaminarimon, we have been in business since 1922. We serve mainly Japanese cuisine, so please feel free to stop by.

Nishimabu Kasai Fuji

Kasumifuji is an izakaya (Japanese style bar) where you can relax in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy mainly Japanese cuisine. Located in a section of Nishiazabu that was once called Kasumi-cho, Kasumi-Fuji offers an upscale atmosphere, yet offers reasonably priced meals. The interior is stylishly designed in a modern Japanese style, with semi-private rooms suitable for drinking parties and banquets, as well as counter seats where you can have a drink alone at your leisure, making it suitable for any occasion. Please use our restaurant when you want to enjoy a quiet meal with a small group of close friends or on a date, or for business entertainment or an important drinking session. We can also be rented out for private parties.

Asakusabashi Authority

The president of Asakusa Tokiwa Shokudo opened this izakaya specializing in Japanese sake.

Tsukiji Toriji

A yakitori restaurant with a 40-year history near Tsukiji Honganji Temple. The yakitori here is worth a try. Honjozo Aged Sake, Junmai Ginjo Blue Label, Daiginjo Oyajinakase

Ginza Museum of Foreign Wine

As the name suggests, this is an authentic authentic bar where you can enjoy 3,000 4,000 different cocktails. Some drinks are only available here. Cocktails made with Shirakiku yuzu and plum liqueur are offered.

Hormone Yakiniku Nishiazabu 8 hachi

Handling: Daiginjo Oyajinakase "We want both first-timers and experts to enjoy the taste of good hormones and meat. In order for you to enjoy delicious hormone and meat, we purchase from carefully selected sources every day! We also make some adjustments to the way you eat them so that they taste good! We will give you a lecture if you have any questions about the order in which to eat or how to grill the meat.


A hidden kappo restaurant in a residential area, loved by local customers This kappo restaurant is a hidden gem in a residential area. Located on the first floor of a condominium building, you can enjoy conversation with the owner who loves to talk. The restaurant offers carefully prepared dishes and delicious sake, such as bamboo shoots and soramame seaweed kakiage, rape blossoms and crab with raw sea urchin, and handmade thick fried bean curd. Salmon rice balls are recommended as a topping. This restaurant is loved by local customers.

Ginza Shinohara

Shinohara, a famous restaurant in Ginza, offers Daiginjo-shu with Shinohara's original label.