Takemura Brewery

The brewery has been in existence for 10 generations, having left Shiga Prefecture as an Omi merchant in 1753 and established a brewery in Joso City in present-day Ibaraki Prefecture. We consider sake to be one of the items for enjoying food, and we aim to create sake that is both enjoyable to drink and has a profound taste that can coexist with food. We also value the connections between people and their feelings, and strive to treat each and every one of our customers with the utmost care.


Iichirou Takemura
Sundays and national holidays (with irregular Saturdays off according to the company calendar)


type of sushi with vinegared fish and rice lightly pressed overnight

This sushi restaurant has outlets in Ueno and Nishi-Kawaguchi. We purchase seasonal fish from the Toyosu market every day, and our sushi as well as a la carte dishes are delicious and cost-effective. We also offer several varieties of sake, including junmai ginjo and junmai sake, which go well with fish dishes. Kyo-no-Yume Junmai-Ginjo is always available at this restaurant, and Kyo-no-Yume Kamicho, an unfiltered sake, is served from December to March.

Steak Dining Hoshizaki

Hoshizaki, located in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, sources Ibaraki's brand beef "Hitachiniku Beef" carefully selected directly by the manager, pesticide-free vegetables from local farmers, and Hitachiniku Oda Rice grown with high-quality water flowing from the foot of Mount Tsukuba. The restaurant offers blissful teppan-yaki cuisine made with Ibaraki ingredients. The counter seating allows you to enjoy your meal with all five senses, directly feeling the delicious sounds of the food grilling and the gorgeous aroma of the food. Kyo no Yume Junmai Ginjo" is always served here. We recommend that you choose the sake to go with your appetizers and other dishes.

Fish Hikari

Uohiko, located in Tsukubamirai City, Ibaraki Prefecture, originally started as a fish shop opening in Joso City, and is now a popular local Japanese restaurant that serves everything from kaiseki cuisine to banquets, with a focus on fresh fish and shellfish. The restaurant is well known for its delicious food, which is made with the highest attention to ingredients.


Asian Time Resort Hotel Kakureya

There are 15 cottages, all equipped with open-air baths and Jacuzzi baths, offering healing and comfort in an atmosphere reminiscent of a tropical resort. Each room is decorated differently, so you will never get bored no matter how many times you visit. Meals are served in your room, and we stick to Ibaraki ingredients such as Hitachiniku beef and rose pork. Public space is only available at the front desk, so you will not be close to other guests, and they take very good care of your private space. It is located 40 minutes from Narita Airport by car, and they also rent by the hour, so you can use it in a way that suits your individual plans.

Gazebo Hill, Makabe

Uribo Makabe is an auberge-style retreat based on the concept of a restaurant where guests can stay overnight at the foot of Mt. Fully renovated in 2020, the hotel has a main building with a casual atmosphere and interior design, a Taishokan building with an atmosphere reminiscent of a time slip to the Taisho period, and an annex with Japanese-style rooms with a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, the large bath is made of Makabe granite, one of the three most famous stones in Japan, allowing guests to experience the culture of Makabe, a town of stones. The restaurant has a great view of the Nikko mountain range. The chef is proud of the local ingredients used in his Italian course menu, which you can enjoy while gazing at the view from the hilltop.


Introducing ETOWA Kasama. This is a facility that offers the much talked-about glamping experience, which reopened in August 2020 with the renewal of the Atago Tengu no Mori Sky Lodge, a public lodging facility in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture. The overall design concept, a stylish space inspired by a Scandinavian villa, is supervised by the lifestyle company Actus Corporation, a form of collaboration between the private and public sectors. The name "ETOWA" is derived from "会(e)" and "話(wa)," which means "I want you to enjoy conversation with your loved ones," and the three types of cabins and one type of tent that make this possible will provide you with the time you need to spend with those you love. The tents are fully equipped with air conditioning and heating, and amenities are provided so that glampers can enjoy "empty-handed glamping! There is also an outdoor bar where you can enjoy local drinks while watching the bonfire, making for a relaxing and exciting experience.