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Kikunosato Sake Brewery is located in Otawara City, Tochigi Prefecture. Nasunogahara, which includes Otawara City, is a region blessed with clear Naka River, groundwater, and underground water of high quality. The area is also suitable for sake brewing, as rice cultivation has flourished since ancient times and the area is blessed with high-quality sake rice. In addition to rice production, the area is blessed with nature, and has been heavily influenced by industrial development since the Meiji period (1868-1912), with dairy farming, peppers, blueberries, strawberries, and other agricultural products also flourishing. Kikunosato Sake Brewery was established in 1866 in Nasunogahara, an area blessed with such natural beauty. The name of the brewery at the time of its establishment was "Hachiryusha," and it was there that Fuichiro Akutsu, a peasant farmer, set his sights on sake brewing and searched for the best water, and this is where the Kikunosato Brewery is located today. We are proud of the brewery's history and traditions, and are always challenging ourselves to create new things, and continue to brew sake every day in the hope of delivering the best possible sake to our customers.


Makoto Akutsu
Tochigi 302-2 Katafuda, Otawara CityGoogleマップで開く
9:00 to 16:00
Saturday and Sunday



Enjoy a healing time with horses. Beginners can enjoy horse trekking, and children and guests who still need courage to ride horses can easily participate in horse therapy sessions. The Weekend Café is a special café open only on sunny weekends and holidays. Enjoy a relaxing time under the blue sky while watching the horses trekking. There will also be a market with carefully selected items.


Delicious pork directly from the pig farm. 5-6 seats at the counter and 3 tables (seats 4). It is a good size for a banquet! The size of the restaurant is "just right for a banquet," with a wide variety of dishes and genres. The menu seems to be mostly Italian, but there is a good selection of snacks to eat. The owner seems to serve whatever you ask for, so there is a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. UNOYA KITCHEN is a hideout that you can't hide even if you wanted to.

Thunberg's geranium (Geranium thunbergii)

Large selection of sake. Seasonal course meals and delicious sake We carefully bring out the best of the season's ingredients one by one. We welcome you with the beauty of Japanese cuisine and deep flavors of our specialties.

Nasu Okashige

We are proud to be able to bring smiles to the faces of our customers as they enjoy a delicious and enjoyable marriage of high-quality seasonal "local vegetables," "carefully selected local fish," local "Gunji pork," "Tochigi Wagyu beef," and our trusted liquor store's best sake.



Only 8 rooms with limited space and modern architecture. We created "ONSEN RYOKAN Yamaki" with the desire for our guests to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and to "take a rest in mind and body. We created this ryokan with the hope that our guests will be able to relax both body and soul away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. We have created a ryokan with a focus on the "essence" of ingredients: hot spring (harmony), food (respect), environment (tranquility), and people (loneliness). We hope to provide our guests with the "bare essentials" that are certain. We do not have luxurious facilities, but we have abundant nature and natural hot springs. We are a hometown of the original landscape of Japan.


Just 90 minutes from central Tokyo, spend the day with 20 horses on a 160,000-tsubo ranch in Nasu. Spend time with 20 horses on a 160,000-tsubo ranch just 90 minutes from central Tokyo. The two houses with very different atmospheres, including a swimming pool that juts out and a separate house that stands alone, are scattered throughout the property. The two houses, each with its own sauna and open-air baths, are dotted around the ranch, each with its own sauna and open-air bath. There is nothing extra except the vast nature. The house is located on a hillside in a large ranch, and is a perfect place to relax.


There is a forest in Nasu that should not be logged without permission, and in one corner of the forest, right next to the Nasu Imperial Villa, is an inn with a total of 13 rooms. The inn, a wooden structure built in the early Showa period (early 20th century), has passed the time qualitatively according to the standards of comfort for guests that have changed with the times. The essence of "Japanese Ryokan", which is unparalleled in the world, has not changed over time.