Iinuma Honke Co.,Ltd

Creating delicious sake and a fun place to enjoy it To create delicious sake through constant exploration and improvement. To deliver products with a flexible mindset that is attuned to the diversifying tastes of our customers. Provide a place to "enjoy" sake through the management of the brewery's premises and the planning of events. It is our pleasure that sake will continue to be loved by the people of the times for many years to come. And it is the accumulation of our daily efforts that will create the future. That is why we will go back to the basics in the spirit of "Koshi," the first sign of the Chinese zodiac, and steadily realize our unwavering philosophy of "making delicious sake and creating enjoyable places to enjoy it" on a daily basis.


1688 - 1703
Kiichiro Iinuma
Kouichi Kawaguchi
Chiba 106, Mabashi, Shisui-machi, Inba-gunGoogleマップで開く
1:30 p.m.
the New Year's holiday


Kinoene omoya

Sake and 24-Season Cuisine at a Sake Brewery The 300-year-old main house, which has been lived in by the Iinuma family for generations, has been renovated into Kinonene omoya, where you can enjoy Japanese sake and Nijushisekki cuisine. The fusion of old beams and fittings with interior design by modern artists and a garden where you can feel the changing of the seasons. The chef of the famous restaurant "Yoshinup" was invited to supervise the seasonal cuisine. Special sake that can only be tasted at the brewery. Please enjoy a quality time in the spacious seating arrangement and the relaxed atmosphere of an old private house.

Fish Wholesaler Uoichi Shoten Minami Kashiwa Sohonzan

If you want to eat fish in Minami Kashiwa, Uoichi Shoten is the place to go. We offer a wide variety of fresh fish and vegetables directly from the production area. We also have a live squid swimming in our fish tank. We welcome you with our lively business and smiles.

Sushi and Teppanyaki Hana Honten

Enjoy seasonal kaiseki, sushi, and teppanyaki. Reservations are required. Please call the restaurant for inquiries. 1 minute from the North Exit of Chiba Station Enjoy a blissful moment in a house-type space rich in Japanese atmosphere... We have a variety of high-quality private rooms. Ideal for various occasions such as business entertainment, dinner, meeting, memorial services, etc. Fresh seafood served with care by our chefs. Fresh seafood such as lobsters and squid are taken out from the fish tank in the restaurant and cooked according to your order.

Aburiya Rakurakura

Specialties include fresh dishes made from the freshest ingredients directly from the production area, specialty dried fish, vegetables, and seared local chicken from all over Japan! We also recommend the seasonal sashimi platter.

izakaya shinmachi

Seafood and sashimi are purchased from the Higashi Awa Fisheries Cooperative Association in Minami-Boso, with fresh fish harvested in the morning + fresh fish selected by the connoisseurs at Yamahachi, the largest wholesaler in Toyosu. The famous beef stew is made delicious every day by pouring in more broth from the open and simmering it. We also recommend the excellent and fresh chicken dishes using "Kinsho-dori" chicken from Chiba Prefecture. In any case, Shinmachi is particular about its ingredients.



Stay at a sake brewery and wake up in a sake brewery. Kinonene SAKE CAMP is quietly located on the grounds of Iinuma Honke, a sake brewery with a history of over 300 years. About an hour from central Tokyo. Surrounded by quiet scenery and trees, the chirping of birds echoes beautifully in the clear air and peaceful time. The atmospheric warehouses and historic architecture make you think of the changing times. Seasonal dishes served in the restaurant, an old private house that has been lived in by the family for generations. Sake is brewed in the land where it was brewed under the starlit sky. Evenings spent around the bonfire, talking with family and friends. Find your own unique camping experience that you can only experience at a sake brewery.