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Yoshikawa Brewery was founded in 1912. It is a Kanagawa Prefecture sake brewery located at the foot of Mount Daisen in the Tanzawa area, which was called Amezureyama in ancient times as a place of rain worship. Sake is brewed by pumping clear underground water (hard water with a hardness of 150-160), filtered by the strata of this Mt. The brewery was on the verge of closing down due to the Corona disaster, but in 2020, it made a fresh start as a member of the Shimada Group, which was founded by a rice miller. In 2021, a new brand name, "Amezure/Afuri" will be released. The brewery staff is united in their efforts to create sake that defies boundaries, such as sake made without grinding rice and sake made by adding a modern twist to the classical yeast yeast. The theme of the brewery is "Sake for Life's Sake. Sake that accompanies the lives of people around the world.


Norimichi Goto
Masanori Mizuno
Kanagawa 681 Kobe, Isehara CityGoogleマップで開く
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Shunsenzakaba NOBU

The program is working to prevent fish that were originally considered unmarketable and worthless (underutilized fish) from being discarded by proactively utilizing them and turning them into delicious dishes. (In fact, numerous new species of fish are announced every year, and recent studies suggest that there may be as many as 28,500 species of fish on the planet and 4,400 species in Japan and its surrounding waters.)

Local delicacies at GEN

You can enjoy local Isehara fresh ingredients, local sake, and local beer in an open, hut-style restaurant.

Craft Sake Shoten

Craft Sake Shoten's first location serves sake, including local and specialty sake, at surprisingly low prices, starting at 500 yen per glass. This American-owned sake standing bar is located just 7 minutes from Yokohama Station. With a lineup of over 30 different types of sake to choose from, which changes weekly, you can discover the world of sake from a global perspective in a friendly atmosphere.


bar hotel 箱根香山

This is a bar hotel for adults to experience the "real thing". Upon entering the entrance, you will be greeted by the main bar lounge. You can relax in the spacious interior of the hotel. If you have come all the way to Hakone, don't forget to spend some healing time in the hot spring. Escape from everyday life and enjoy a stay of the highest quality. The new value of "a hotel in a bar. Spend your time as you wish, just as if you were talking to each other at a bar. A new experience not found in ordinary hotels will transport you to an extraordinary world. (Shimada Group)

SAKE KURA Hotel Kawasaki Inn

"Tokaido Highway is one of the five highway stretching from east to west from Nihonbashi, which developed during the Edo period. In the past, this location was Kawasakijuku, the second post town from Edo. Daimyo (feudal lords) from all over the country gathered here, and many famous products were offered to the feudal lords. Rice was also an important economic base at that time, both for people's livelihood and as a tribute. In addition to bales of rice, important books and treasures passed down from generation to generation were stored in the "kura," or storehouse. The hotel was revived in line with modern values at the same time that the Kawasaki Inn celebrated its 400th anniversary. In keeping with its rice roots, guests can enjoy a free-flow of Yoshikawa Brewery's sake "Amezure//Afuri" and its cocktails. The actual brewery tools used in the brewing process have been reborn as art and furniture, and the Kawasaki Inn, as depicted by artists old and new, shines brightly as a treasure of this kura and graces


Tsutaya Ryokan is a historic hot-spring inn founded by Tsutaya Heizaemon in the Edo period. It is the only lodging facility where visitors can enjoy "Sokokura Onsen," which is considered one of the best of the seven hot springs in Hakone. How can we introduce to the world the onsen culture that has been passed down from generation to generation, so that people can enjoy the interaction after a hot spring bath and the once-in-a-lifetime experience of an onsen trip? We decided to strengthen our connection with the local community while respecting the history of the ryokan and onsen. We strengthened ties with neighboring restaurants and hotels in the same industry. Actively participate in festivals and events, including the Hakone Ekiden (relay race), as well as community service activities such as trash pickup. Offering special one-day trip discounts to local residents. Through these efforts, we aim to revitalize the Miyanoshita/Sokokura area and create a long-loved ryokan that is in line with modern values.

Hayama Umi no Hotel

Hayama Town, Kanagawa Prefecture. This lodging facility was renovated from a building that used to be a training facility for a certain manufacturer. Visitors to this area tend to tour not only Hayama, but also Shonan, Kamakura, and Yokohama. Against this backdrop, we began planning a project to provide a "spend time in Hayama" experience that would set it apart from the past. The concept we eventually came up with was to "connect people with the sea, nature, and the city. Listening to the voice of history, making use of the building's original features, and connecting the past with the future. Furthermore, we connected and collaged the local people with the visitors. The result is an "open space" that can be enjoyed not only within the hotel, but by the entire community. (Shimada Group)