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Kamo Nishiki Brewery, founded in 1893, has been loved by everyone as the representative sake of Kamo City. In the 120-odd years since its establishment, the lifestyle of the Japanese people has changed dramatically, and today, there are very few days when only Japanese food is served at the dinner table. Just as the word "rice" has come to refer not only to rice but also to all meals, the word "sake" has come to refer to wine, beer, and whiskey in addition to sake. We are constantly striving to find out what kind of sake tastes good in such a diversified diet. Kamo Nishiki is a small brewery, so our production volume and brewing system are limited. However, we would never try to make sake that we do not think is delicious. We will continue to work on sake brewing from many different angles, while keeping the obvious and basic things in mind.


Yasuhisa Tanaka
Yuichi Tanaka
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Nerima, Tori Naga, Niigata

Nerima Toricho, one of Tokyo's most popular and famous restaurants, is one of the pinnacles of modern Japanese gastronomy, and continues to attract food connoisseurs. One year after its first branch, "Nerima Toricho Niigata," was established in Niigata City, it has become a popular restaurant in the area. The selection of sake is noteworthy." The sake selection is outstanding, with a precise selection of the best sake from all over the country, served under excellent management. We were surprised to see the arrival of "Ryugetsu" and "Souhoku". Please enjoy our wines and famous sake from all over Japan with our chicken dishes.


The restaurant has been attracting customers from outside the prefecture for some time, and was awarded the top star in the first edition of the Michelin Guide for Niigata. The owner-chef Kazuhiro Inoue personally procures and prepares the ingredients, making it an attractive place to experience Niigata's gastronomy. The quality and attention to detail of the food needs no explanation, but his wife, a sommelier, and her suggestions and wine collection are also not to be missed. Please enjoy the marriage of the management, tasting, and serving techniques, which are among the best in the prefecture, along with the sophisticated service. The "Shipper's Wine" is kept in a special refrigerator (minus 5 degrees Celsius) separate from the wines and is served in an ideal way. We hope you will enjoy your meal, wine, and "Shipper's Wine" together.

sibling sushi

The restaurant was awarded two stars in the "Michelin Guide Niigata 2020", the highest ranking in Niigata Prefecture, and is a popular restaurant with constant reservations. The owner, Mr. Tatsufumi Honma's young enthusiasm can be felt through his careful use of local ingredients, precise processing and aging, and attentive service over the counter. You can enjoy the ideally managed "cargo tag sake" in a glass of wine.

Kappo Watanabe

A renowned Japanese restaurant that was awarded a star in the "Michelin Guide Niigata 2020". The restaurant attracts many people with its cuisine that is both classic and unique, using local ingredients with an emphasis on the seasons. You can enjoy not only Niigata Tanrei Sake but also "Kafuda Sake" under the best management. *Renovated and reopened in the spring of 2021.

Sushi Tokiwa

The restaurant was awarded a star in the "Michelin Guide Niigata 2020" and is visited by many customers from inside and outside of the prefecture. The ingredients are mainly from Niigata, especially those from north of Sado and the Agano River, and the bold and delicate work done by the owner, Kosuke Kobayashi, sets it apart from ordinary Edo-mae cuisine. The atmosphere of the family and staff makes the food even more special. We hope you will enjoy not only the food and Niigata sake, but also "kafuda-shu," a famous sake from all over Japan that has been ideally managed.


Sagano-no-Sato Yumeya

An hour's drive from the city center of Niigata, this sukiya-style inn is surrounded by rich nature.

Risan ten post

The hotel was awarded a star in the Michelin Guide Niigata 2020, the highest rating among inns and hotels in Niigata Prefecture. The inn's director, Jura Iwasa, was featured in NHK's popular program "Professionals: The Way of Work" in June 2020. The inn has been fully booked with out-of-prefecture guests for some time, but there is now a waiting list of several months. The meals are a perfect marriage of creative and flavorful cuisine and ideally managed Niigata wines and sake.

Shiratama no Yu Kaho

A famous inn in Niigata. It is large and gorgeous, and its spring water, which boasts one of the highest sulfur content in the country, is known as "Bijin-no-yu" (hot water for beautiful women).