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Introduction of the brewery The brewery was founded on September 8, 1899. The date of foundation was designated as "Hakuro," one of the 24 solar terms, and the sake was named "Shiratsuyu" from that day. Nearby is "Sagata," Japan's 10th Ramsar Convention-listed wetland, and we brew sake in a rich natural environment where waterfowl fly overhead throughout the year. All of our sake, from daiginjo to regular sake, is brewed using long-term low-temperature fermentation (ginjo-zukuri) to produce sake that is soft on the palate. Our motto is to brew sake that is not only delicious on the first sip, but also light enough to be enjoyed on the second and third sips without getting tired of drinking. Representative brands include "Koshiji Fukiyuki," "Echino Fuyuki Yukihana," "Hakuro," and "Mizu no Miyako Yanagito. This Niigata brewery also produces plum wine and shochu. The heart of sake brewing The ultimate sake is a sake that has an aromatic subtle fragrance and several flavors, but hides those flavors and softens them to the palate, and yet still manages to lure the drinker into the mouth, leaving a deep impression. These are the words of our advisor, Dr. Tadao Hiroi, a doctor of agriculture. Based on this spirit, we aim to create the ultimate sake.


Hideyuki Takano
Hiroki Ishikawa
Nigata 24-1 Kiyama, Nishi-ku, Niigata CityGoogleマップで開く
11:00 - 11:30, 13:00 - 13:30 (available only on weekends and holidays), 14:00 - 14:30 (available only on weekends and holidays), 15:00 - 15:30
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10:00 to 16:00
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Tori Sen (Nishi-ku, Niigata City)

The restaurant's main dishes are young chicken dishes such as fried chicken and yakitori, but the most popular menu item is kimchi fried rice. The stimulating spiciness of authentic kimchi imported from Korea, the home of kimchi, matches perfectly with the mild flavor of beef. This is a heartwarming izakaya with delicious chicken dishes where you can drink locally brewed sake from the Takano Sake Brewery.

Shunna Kappou Biraju (Chuo-ku, Niigata City)

We offer creative Japanese cuisine and authentic kaiseki cuisine using seasonal ingredients from Niigata Prefecture and around the country at reasonable prices. Please feel free to dine alone or with your family, or to entertain guests. We also welcome users of assistance dogs (Assistance Dogs for the Physically Disabled Act). Although the restaurant is not completely barrier-free, we welcome you with a barrier-free heart. Please enjoy our "one item, one soul" cuisine and delicious Niigata sake.

Local Sake and Yakizakaya (Furumachi Yamadaya) (Chuo-ku, Niigata City)

"Niigata's ingredients, seasonings, and over 90 brands of Niigata sake are the center of this restaurant, where you can enjoy Niigata cuisine such as crab dishes, seafood from the surrounding seas, and local brand meats. In particular, the lava rock seafood hamayaki using lava rocks from the World Heritage Site Mt! Crab dishes are available all year round. In summer, we have contracted local divers to dive and collect the necessary amount of fresh local natural rock oysters for us, which are also very popular! We are also particular about the way we serve meat! Our famous grilled shabu-shabu and ginjo negi shabu are popular with a 100 percent repeat rate. Sake lovers will be delighted by the rare varieties of sake available and the many dishes that go perfectly with them. Our repertoire of locally brewed sake and seasonal sake is also well known!


Cut and cooked inn Matsuya

Iwamuro Onsen Kappo-Ryokan Matsuya is an inn that has been in business for over 200 years since the days of inns. Enjoy the seasonal delicacies while gazing at the garden, which makes the most of the beauty of nature's formations. We hope you will enjoy Matsuya's signature dishes, prepared with the best of each season's flavors. We are sure that you will have a peaceful and relaxing time at our restaurant, not only for lodging and meals, but also for various banquets, meetings, and business negotiations.

Inn with a panoramic view of the Echigo Plain and the Yahiko Mountains

Iwamuro Onsen is located at the foot of Mt. Taiho, north of Mt. Yahiko, and has flourished as a place for worshippers of Yahiko Shrine, the most important shrine in Echigo, to purify their spirit. The high quality of Iwamuro Onsen has healed many travelers over the years and continues to be loved by them. Founded in the early Meiji period, the large and open-air baths at Hotels Ohashi YTNoyu are the largest in the Iwamuro, Tsubame-Sanjo, and Yahiko areas, and it is the only natural hot spring inn in Niigata with a bedrock bath.

Four Seasons Inn Minoya

Yahiko Onsen Shiki no Yado Minoya will celebrate its 320th anniversary in 2021. The company was founded in 1701 during the Genroku era of the Edo period. Our ancestors were from Owari Province (now Aichi Prefecture), and we are told that they named the restaurant "Minoya" after the Mino region of the Nobi Plain. For 320 years since we opened our inn in front of the Oyahiko Shrine, we have been welcoming travelers with the rich food, nature, and divine hot spring water of Echigo-Tsumari. We would like to express our deepest gratitude for the patronage and support we have received from many people, including our guests from within and outside of the prefecture, our business partners, local residents, travel agencies, and the ryokan industry.