Abe Sake Brewery

Abe Shuzo is a sake brewery in Kashiwazaki, Niigata Prefecture that has been in business since 1804. What we value in sake brewing is "enjoying fermentation. With intellectual curiosity at the core, we aim to create what we want to create while enjoying the time and effort involved. We also aim to create "overwhelmingly delicious" products.


Yuta Abe
Yuta Abe
Nigata 3560 Yasuda, Kashiwazaki CityGoogleマップで開く
Sundays, after New Year's holidays and other major holidays (details will be posted on SNS)


Yakitori Abe

The owner is from Kashiwazaki, where the brewery is located, and his name is Abe-san, which means "Abe-san" in Japanese, so there is always some kind of sake available, even if the quantity is small. Above all, the yakitori is always excellent.

Japanese and Western-style oblongs

This is a restaurant where our brewery's production manager has been a customer since his previous job. It is a restaurant where you can enjoy fresh fish from Sagami Bay in a casual atmosphere, with a focus on shochu as well as sake. The owner, Mr. Tsunoda, who will tell you all about the history and story of our brewery, runs the restaurant.

Nitori Aoji Nakano

When Yuta Abe, the current production manager, finished one year of sake brewing, he wanted to learn how to serve sake at a restaurant that accepted him. You can enjoy our company's sake as well as sake from various breweries around the country in a casual setting, starting with small quantities. This restaurant is perfect for those who want to try a lot of sake but are not very good drinkers.

my farm to table おにや

You can enjoy the chapon grown on our own farm as much as you like, and it goes great with the sake we make.

Restaurant UOZEN

We are particular about the ingredients, from the tableware to the foodstuffs, which are all made in Niigata and go very well with our sake as well as with wine.

high-grade charcoal produced from ubame oak (Quercus phillyraeoides)

A casual yet high quality yakitori restaurant in the local Kashiwazaki area. With the arrival of the young brothers, we have also put an emphasis on sake, offering not only our own sake, but also sake from within and outside of the prefecture!

Sushi Hanaki

This sushi restaurant serves high quality seafood from Kashiwazaki, Japan, using only the finest ingredients and Niigata sake. We recommend you to dine at the counter while chatting with the owner. You can also taste our sake.


A casual French restaurant in Kashiwazaki where you can enjoy from lunch to dinner. You can drink not only our sake, but also "KURACOLA", a non-alcoholic craft cola drink manufactured by us.



A hot spring inn that incorporates alcoholic & non-alcoholic pairings with our sake and other Niigata sake. It is also a hot spring inn located in Matsunoyama Onsenkyo, one of Japan's three medicinal hot springs, so the quality of the water is excellent.