Yoshida Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd.

Our brewery is located in the middle of rice fields in Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture. It is a peaceful place with wide open skies and a view of the Hakusan mountain ridge on a clear day. In 2020, the brewery will celebrate its 150th anniversary and has been replaced by a young seventh generation, Yasuyuki Yoshida. The two brands are "Tedorigawa" and "Yoshida Kurau. Tedorigawa" inherits the traditional taste that has been loved for a long time, while "Yoshida Kurau" returns to the original form of local sake and practices sake brewing for the future. 〜Modern Yamahai sake brewed with Japanese sake The most important thing in our brewing process is the spirit of "harmony in brewing". Harmony among people brews good sake, and good sake creates harmony among people. We derive our philosophy from the harmony of good taste, fun, and happiness. Sake that accompanies meals and conversation" is the motto of Yoshida Sake Brewery, which has never wavered. Tetorigawa" preserves the traditional fresh and clean taste, Yoshida Kurau" pursues "modern Yamahai," brewed only with local rice, water, and in-house cultivated yeast. Yamahai is a technique in which the Noto Toji is very good at, and it is a natural brewing method that calls for lactic acid bacteria existing in the brewery and spends a lot of time and effort to brew it. Modern Yamahai" is a gentle sake with a perfect balance of soft acidity and delicate umami.


Yasuyuki Yoshida
Yasuyuki Yoshida
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Indefinite rest


one side (e.g. of an argument)

The ultimate simplicity in making the most of ingredients. Each dish, which brings out the best of the ingredients to the utmost limit, is a continuous source of inspiration. It is not easy to make reservations, but it is such a wonderful restaurant that I would be happy to come to Ishikawa for Kataori-san's sake.

sushi restaurant

Sushi made with genius technique and sensitivity is a true treasure of Ishikawa. The sushi is made with the knowledge of the sea and the fish. It is the one and only. It is an unforgettably delicious restaurant.

Seasonal Cuisine Tsubaki

This is a hideaway gibier cuisine restaurant run by a hunter in active service. The owner personally goes into the mountains to procure the bounties of the four seasons. In spring, you can enjoy wild vegetables, in summer, sweetfish and rockfish, in autumn, mushrooms and yams, and in winter, wild game. Among them, gibier such as bear (the bear hot pot is available only for members) and wild boar are so exquisite that top chefs not only from Japan but from all over the world visit the restaurant. The gentle flavors typical of seasonal cuisine, combined with the vitality of the ingredients, make for a memorable dining experience.

The day the sea moon turns to cloud

A modernized private dining room in a 100+ year old traditional Japanese house. The menu features Asian cuisine from Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and other Asian countries, using a variety of Hokuriku ingredients such as isiru (sweet sake) and pesticide-free vegetables. The owner, Mr. Kishida, travels around Asia every year and constantly updates the menu with recipes from the region and home cooking. In the evenings, the restaurant is reserved for a single couple to enjoy a luxurious and oriental time.


A small restaurant serving French cuisine and natural wines. Not only the food, but also the tableware and the taste of the restaurant are very good. Natural wines are the main focus, but there is also a wide selection of Japanese sake. The sense of drink pairing is also very good, so you can have a delicious and enjoyable time.

between the seasons

This Japanese restaurant is located in the back of Kikura-cho, Kanazawa City, and has been awarded a Michelin star in its third year. No matter what time of year you visit, you will always be impressed by the delicious food. There is also a wide selection of sake. The owner is very kind and the space is so comfortable that you can't help but linger.

Higashiyama and Today

This restaurant is a hideaway nestled in the beautiful Higashichayamachi district. The dishes are carefully prepared so as not to destroy the fresh flavors and textures of seasonal ingredients. beautifully and deliciously as if they were works of art. The clever use of herbs and spices adds a very nice accent and expands the range of sake pairings. The course is served in small portions with lots of variety, so you can enjoy it all the way through. The chef is also very friendly and very nice, making it a comfortable place to visit.

Yabusaburo Sakaya

A short walk from the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, this very cozy restaurant is located in a renovated old private house. You can enjoy wonderful dishes that make the most of seasonal ingredients, not only as a course, but also a la carte. The restaurant offers a wide variety of natural wines as well as local sake, so you can enjoy a variety of pairings to match your meal. The chef and staff are all wonderful and the restaurant is loved by people of all ages.

Villa of Peace

An auberge of Italian cuisine located by the sea in Nakajima-cho, Nanao City, Noto Peninsula. The Noto region is a treasure trove of wonderful ingredients. You can fully enjoy the amazing potential of this region. We hope you will experience the best scenery and exciting cuisine.


Beyoninya (breed of haiku poet)

Beniya Mukayu" quietly stands on the hill of Yakushi Mountain, which was also a sacred place for Hakusan worship. It is a luxurious inn with a total of 16 rooms, all with open-air hot spring baths, and the rooms are modern, simple, rich, and sensitive. Soaking in the bathtub while enjoying the view of the mountain garden will help you to relax your body and mind. The original spa incorporating medicinal herbs is also popular. We recommend staying here the day after a gourmet tour of Kanazawa.

Tatsuguchi Onsen Matsusaki Ryokan

Hot spring with free-flowing hot-spring water. The open-air bath with a view and the spacious bathhouse are very comfortable. Kaiseki cuisine using ingredients from Ishikawa is very delicious, and the ryokan will heal both body and soul.

Yukado Sakamoto

An inn deep in the mountains of Noto. There is no TV, refrigerator, or toilet in the room, but the inn reminds you of the importance of how to spend a day away from modern daily life. The owner's cooking is exquisite.


This ryokan is located right in front of Hakusan Hime Shrine, the main shrine of Hakusan Shrine. Founded in the Edo period (1603-1868), the ryokan has a history of over 150 years and offers excellent cuisine. All rooms have a sunken hearth, and the chef will grill sweetfish and rockfish in front of you during your meal. Ishikawa Prefecture has an image of the sea, but here you can enjoy the bounty of the Hakusan mountains to the fullest. Every time I visit, I am reminded of the splendor of the mountain's bounty and the beauty of the changing seasons. The ryokan has been awarded one Michelin star, and is a wonderful ryokan that represents Ishikawa Prefecture.