Matsuura Sake Brewery

Ishikawa Prefecture is blessed with fresh, seasonal ingredients thanks to its geographical location surrounded by the sea and mountains. Matsuura Sake Brewery brews a mild sake with a mouth-watering aroma that makes you want to take a deep breath to complement these fresh seasonal ingredients. Japanese sake is brewed by the mysterious power of rice, water, and microorganisms, and the enzymes of the malt not only saccharify the starch of the rice, but also saccharify the flavor of the food to enhance its flavor. At Matsuura Sake Brewery, we brew all of our sake with pure rice in order to express this mysterious power of nature. 〜We have been pursuing secondary fermentation in the bottle for 25 years! Yamanaka Onsen's bubbly toast and food sake Yamanaka Onsen is a hot spring village in the valley where the monk Gyoki founded 1,300 years ago. Blessed with ultra-soft brewing water, we are pursuing a mildly aromatic food sake that enhances the flavors of the food. We do not use any yeast with a gorgeous aroma because we value the synergistic effect with food. We value the gentle aroma that invites the appetite and the fresh acidity that makes it lively.


Fumiaki Matsuura
Fumiaki Matsuura
Ishikawa O50 Yamanaka Onsen Fujimi-cho, Kaga CityGoogleマップで開く
9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Every Wednesday


Kaiseki Nakao (Yamashiro Onsen, Kaga City)

Enjoy the seasonal delicacies and beauty of each season with all your senses. The kaiseki cuisine created by our chef, who started his career in French cuisine, makes the most of seasonal ingredients, and is a gem that can only be found at Kaiseki Nakao. You will have a time that satisfies all five of your senses.

Ming Yue Building

Located by the Korogibashi Bridge in Yamanaka Onsen, Ryotei Meigetsuro offers hospitality not only with its cuisine, but also with its location, rooms, and space. The food is mainly made from local ingredients that can be served with peace of mind, allowing you to feel the changes of the four seasons.

Japanese Sake BAR Engawa

Japanese Sake Bar Engawa is located across from Hasebe Shrine on Yuge Kaido in Kaga Yamanaka Onsen Hot Spring. We always have about 30 brands of sake, mainly sake brewed in Ishikawa Prefecture. With the sentence, "Sake is the art of making this world a better place to live," engraved on the walls of this atmospheric restaurant in Yamanaka Onsen, a place rich in nature, we offer our customers a space where local sake is served in local sake containers. Owner:Yusuke Shimoki Address:Ro82, Minami-cho, Yamanaka Onsen, Kaga City 0761-71-0059 Business hours: 14:00-17:00/18:00-23:00 Closed: Thursday


Hana Violet (Yamanaka Onsen, Kaga City)

All rooms have a view of Tsurusenkei, a famous sightseeing spot in Yamanaka Onsen, and the inn has a relaxing atmosphere.

Kayotei (Yamanaka Onsen, Kaga City)

A quiet inn of 10 rooms surrounded by trees where you can feel the changing of the seasons.

Kai Kaga Hoshino Resort (Yamashiro Onsen, Kaga City)

An inn where you can enjoy the traditional culture and crafts of Kaga