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The brewery, which overlooks Mt. Hakusan (Mt. Hakusan is a sacred mountain), has a history of about 200 years dating back to the first year of Meiji era (1868), The brewery was restarted at the end of 2003 with Naohiko Noguchi, a modern master brewer who has won a total of 27 gold medals at the National New Sake Competition, as the first toji (master brewer). After Naohiko Noguchi retired, Tadashi Watanabe, the president of the company, has been brewing the new "Noguchi" as the head brewer. Currently, 100% of the sake rice produced in the "King of Sake Rice", the rank "Special A" from the Yoshikawa district of Hyogo Prefecture, is used.


Tadashi Watanabe
Tadashi Watanabe
Ishikawa a42, Sueji-cho, Nomi CityGoogleマップで開く
Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays (with advance reservations)


field of early-blooming (or ripening) rice

Noto beef is delicious We have a lot of sake, which is good. (We don't have our own sake) A barbecue restaurant of the Nana Sushi Group, which includes sushi and prepared foods. It is quite spacious with tables, tatami rooms and private rooms. Of course, it has a smokeless roaster, so there is no need to worry about smoke! The food is very tasty, and the semi-private rooms (with tables and small seats) make it a family oriented yakiniku restaurant! The Noto beef Yukke was the best ✨! The staff was very helpful and I would like to use this restaurant again!


I think it is a deli but you can eat and drink inside. Flavored coffee is good though, They also serve sake. Flavored coffee mixed with a bit of sake is really good! Insta-photo credit: With permission. Pocket DELISH Wakura♨️ 2-5 Hibari, Wakura-cho, Nanao-shi Cafe & Delicatessen in Amusement Park United States tel 0767-57-5835

frame lining

A restaurant in the middle of Wakura Onsen You can enjoy oysters, shirako (white fish), and tori-yasai-miso nabe, a B gourmet dish, for a reasonable price. The second floor is also spacious. Name Izakaya Wakuura Genre Japanese-style pub Telephone number 090-5178-7970 Address 23-2 Wakura-cho, Nanao-shi, Ishikawa 926-0175

sushi chef

Good sushi. Sushi restaurant known by locals in the know. Very good and everything is fresh. The owner is a bit of a shy guy, but he's fun to talk to. The price is around 5,000 yen. (Probably a bowl bill).

youngest child (esp. of a girl)

Famous Chinese restaurant for local people. The price is reasonable and the volume of food is the best! The gyoza is very tasty! Take-out is also available! Basically, you need a reservation to get in, so please be careful.

Somenya Ten

There are many ramen shops in Nomi City, but the ramen here is delicious and inexpensive! They are open late at night, which is nice! They have both light and heavy ramen! The fried rice is quite good!


Super Hotel Ishikawa-Nomi Neagari Smart Inter Kutani Gosai no Yu

Recently opened and the hot spring is very beautiful! After all, there is alcohol at the welcome bar! You can eat and drink at the bar! You can also bring it to your room! Breakfast is also very good with a great variety. Special permission to quote from the website. Adjacent to "Nomi Neagari Smart IC" on Hokuriku Expressway 15 minutes drive from Komatsu Airport Approximately 25 minutes by car from Kanazawa Station Free on-site flat parking for 107 vehicles Free breakfast with freshly baked bread and natural hot spring baths for men and women Welcome Bar" with alcohol and other beverages in the lounge from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Right after getting off at "Nomi Neagari Smart IC" on Hokuriku Expressway! Free flat parking for 107 cars ■Natural hot springs for men and women (15:00-9:30) ■Welcome bar (18:00-21:00) ■Free buffet breakfast with freshly baked bread and Japanese and Western style breakfast 61-1, Yoshiwara Kamaya-cho, Nomi, Ishikawa 929-0121, Japan TEL:0761-69-9001 / FAX:0761-69-9010 Check-in 15

Kanazawa Tatsuguchi Onsen Yasashisa no Yado Matsusaki

It is a ryokan. The food is very good and the hot springs are very nice. The customer service is top notch! The food is really good and makes you full.

Lifestyle Hotel Levant, limited to 1 couple per day

A wonderful hotel completely limited to one couple. It is run by a husband and wife duo and is highly regarded as "North Hakusan," a manufacturer of fermented seasonings. It offers a stay that is original and free from existing concepts. It is a well-known restaurant among those in the know. (I have used it several times). The food is too wonderful. The food is amazing, and the creator is a product, so I wasn't allowed to take pictures, but he's a very nice guy!