Founded in 1804, Tsuneyama Shuzo is a sake brewery founded in the first year of the Edo Bunka era (1804). Tsuneyama Sake Brewery is known for brewing sake that is "light and umami" or "Echizen Dry Brew", which is a light, refreshing sake with a clean finish that brings out the full flavor of the rice. The sake is characterized by its "Echizen Dry Brewing" style. Tsuneyama's sake rice is grown in the Miyama district of Fukui City, located almost in the center of the Reinokita region of Fukui Prefecture. As the name suggests, Tsuneyama sake is produced from rice carefully grown in Miyama, which is surrounded by beautiful mountains, and clean water. The breath of the mountains nurtures the harvest, and a drop of sake brewed in harmony with nature over time. We put our heart and soul into every drop of sake, and we are earnest in our sake brewing.


Shinpei Tokoyama
Shinpei Tokoyama
Fukui 1-19-10 Miyuki, Fukui-shiGoogleマップで開く
Every Sunday and national holiday


distant future

The shop offers a variety of local sake from all over Fukui Prefecture, as well as a weekly change of brands from outside the prefecture. The store has the highest encounter rate with sake breweries. Try a cup of sake poured by the beautiful proprietress and get intoxicated.

Sushi Tokubei

The young owner, who is a leader of Fukui's sushi industry, makes excellent snacks and nigiri using local ingredients.


Fukui's specialty, Sauce Katsu-don (pork cutlet served on top of a bowl of rice) and grated buckwheat noodles are loved by local people.

last night

Stylish interior, sophisticated soba noodles. The exquisite tempura is also a specialty.

Ten people, ten colors

The selection of Japanese sake from inside and outside of the prefecture is breathtaking. The owner, who trained at a famous French restaurant, also offers excellent creative cuisine.

Sushi Umiyuki

KAIGETSU is a sushi restaurant popular among locals. In the evening, you can enjoy not only nigiri but also local sake and snacks while savoring the taste of the food.

Tempura Tenshun

A tempura restaurant located about a 10-15 minute walk from Fukui Station. You can enjoy seasonal ingredients in a restaurant with counter seats and private rooms.


Seasonal seafood is shipped directly from the fish shop run by the owner's family, and is of excellent quality and freshness. You can simply enjoy the most delicious ingredients of the season.

Cuisine Ichiton

The restaurant looks like a renovated old private house facing Sakura-dori. The grilled dishes are prepared dynamically in front of the counter, including charcoal-grilled, straw-grilled, and seared seasonal fish and shellfish. We hope you will enjoy the seasonal flavors of Fukui, one of the best food towns in Japan.

Cuisine Miyazaki

A Japanese restaurant with only 7 seats at the counter where you can experience the four seasons. Starting with the appetizer, the menu is based on Japanese cuisine, but the courses are prepared with a free spirit and defy categorization. Enjoy a conversation with the owner and have a blissful time that will bring a smile to your face.

Blue Light cafe

This café offers a luxurious after-noon tea experience. High-quality tea leaves are carefully selected, and in addition to black tea, Japanese and Chinese teas can be ordered, as well as alcoholic beverages for an extra charge. There is an extensive side menu including sandwiches and tarts made with seasonal ingredients, which go perfectly with the tea.


Manten Hotel

Attractive hotel with hot spring and large bath. Near the station, it is convenient to move around.

ribaje akebono

The large bathhouse in the sky overlooking the Ashiba River in Fukui is very attractive. In spring, relax from the fatigue of traveling while admiring the rows of cherry trees along the Ashiba River, which has been selected as one of the 100 best cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan. It is also within walking distance of Fukui's entertainment district [Katamachi] Katamachi.

red-light district

The interior of the museum incorporates traditional crafts such as Echizen Japanese paper and Echizen chests. The inside of the pavilion, heated by hot spring heat, is soft and warm even in winter, so you can relax even with bare feet instead of slippers.

Umika no Yado Namikaro

Umika-no-Yado Namikaro is a hidden inn in Wakasa where you can feel both the roughness and serenity of the Sea of Japan with all your senses. The cuisine features freshly caught local seafood from the market and other seasonal delicacies, allowing you to relax and unwind.