Tomono Sake Brewing Co.,Ltd

Sawanohana, BeauMichelle Brewer Sake brewery in Saku, Shinshu. With the motto of "one cup of sake is good, two cups are pleasant, clean sake", we brew our sake with subterranean water from the Yatsugatake mountain system and sake rice "Hitogochi" and "Miyamanishiki" produced in Nagano Prefecture. The brewery's motto is "Sake that is pleasant, clean, and pure.


Kenichi Tomono
Takayuki Tomono
Nagano 123 Nozawa, Saku CityGoogleマップで開く
Sundays, national holidays, Saturdays (open Oct.-Mar.)


Kawakamian Honten Karuizawa Kawakamian

In a relaxed atmosphere with jazz music playing, you can enjoy seasonal flavors with a wide variety of local sake and wine. The restaurant prides itself on its "nihachi soba," a flavorful buckwheat noodle made from high-quality buckwheat seeds from Japan and abroad, milled in-house on a millstone, and beaten with coarsely ground buckwheat flour and clean water. As a restaurant originating from Karuizawa, you can also enjoy dishes using beans, tofu, and organic vegetables grown in Shinshu, as well as seasonal dishes.

Sekirei Bridge Kawakamian Iori

Delicate dishes that make the most of seasonal Shinshu ingredients and homemade tofu dishes with a deep sweetness of flavor, Along with the murmuring of the river, you can feel the changing of the seasons and the beauty of nature in Karuizawa in this wonderful restaurant. Enjoy a la carte dishes that make the most of the flavor of the ingredients with a glass of delicious sake or wine, and finish with soba noodles.

Lemon Cuisine

This Japanese restaurant uses Shinshu ingredients such as "Saku carp," "Shinshu salmon," "Taro pork," "Shinshu herb chicken," and local organic vegetables. The restaurant's dishes, which are prepared with ingenuity while preserving the traditions of Japanese cuisine, are especially popular among female customers. The evening menu is paired with local sake, mainly from the local Saku area. The restaurant has many repeat customers, both local and from outside the prefecture.


This famous restaurant has been established in Karuizawa for 20 years. The menu features a variety of dishes using local ingredients, such as gamecock and beef raised in the rich nature of Shinshu, and fresh highland vegetables delivered from contract farmers. The restaurant is also open for lunch, and its limited oyakodon (chicken and egg bowl) is an exquisite dish involving gamecock and Chinese-style egg. At night, creative Japanese dishes go well with local sake. This warm restaurant is highly trusted by those who visit Karuizawa regularly and has been serving local Saku sake to customers since its establishment.



We highly recommend the French cuisine that you can feel the ingredients in the rich space built by a world-renowned architect. Enjoy pairing with fine local ingredients, wines, and sake.

Hoshinoya Karuizawa

Hoshinoya Karuizawa is the beginning of the "Hoshinoya" series, where each facility offers an extraordinary experience with a unique theme. The concept of Hoshinoya Karuizawa is "staying in a valley village," surrounded by the nature at the foot of Mount Asama, reminiscent of the original Japanese landscape. Guests can enjoy a restful stay through a variety of experiences, including two types of hot springs with different atmospheres, meals with the flavor of Shinshu, and activities based on eco-tourism. In the main dining room, Japanese Cuisine Kasuke, guests can enjoy "mountain kaiseki," a type of Japanese cuisine that uses ingredients from the mountains and rivers. Breakfast, like dinner, is a restful meal suitable for holiday mornings, "mountain breakfast," and breakfast with vegetable broth using several kinds of whole vegetables also has a very gentle and relaxing taste.

THE HIRAMATSU Karuizawa Miyota

THE HIRAMATSU Karuizawa Miyota, which opened in March 2021, is located in a vast forest at the southern foot of Mount Asama, an ideal place for gourmets who are allowed to spend all their time only for gastronomy, in a small forest in Miyota Town, where Mount Asama towers majestically in the north of Karuizawa and quiet time flows in the rich nature. Auberge is located in the vast forest at the southern foot of Mt. All rooms have a hot spring bath directly connected to the terrace, and the view from the terrace of the upper-floor rooms is superb, while the lower-floor rooms offer a resort-like atmosphere with a view of the trees in the forest. There are French and Italian restaurants in the building, where the chefs purchase fresh ingredients from East Shinshu and pair them with local Nagano sake, Nagano wines, and French wines. It is a place where the unique time at the "Grand Auberge in the Forest" can be fulfilled, where you can savor gourmet food and wine in a natural setting, and enjoy the hot springs