Sanwa Shuzou

Fuji. Located almost in the center of Shizuoka Prefecture, which is famous for its clear streams and sweetfish, Nanbu Touji brews this sake using the underground water of the Okitsu River as the brewing water, using his secret techniques. The sake is brewed in a small ginjo brewing process with no compromises or corners cut, and the only differences between this sake and the sake entered in the competition are the type of rice used and the rice polishing ratio. Our motto is to use more than 10 varieties of rice to provide a variety of tastes and aromas for our customers to enjoy. Garyu" means a dragon hiding in the earth, a metaphor for Zhuge Liang, a hero who hid in the countryside and never had the chance to develop his ambition. We named it "Garyubai" in the hope that it will eventually be known as the most beautiful sake in the world.


Katsumasa Suzuki
Kazuhito Tada
Shizuoka 501-10 Nishikubo, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka CityGoogleマップで開く
Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays *Saturdays are irregularly closed


Kansai-style sushi (esp. pressed sushi, such as battera)

Sushi restaurant in the Ginza shopping district in front of Shimizu Station. You can enjoy sashimi, sushi, grilled, fried, and boiled local fish from Shimizu. The owner himself goes to Yui Fishing Port to see and buy fish with his own eyes, and the fish is extremely fresh! Another specialty is the "Motsuno Curry," which is made with Man-Gen pork from the Asagiri Kogen Plateau.

Located close to JR Shimizu Station, this Japanese-style izakaya is dedicated to serving Shimizu's locally brewed sake and happy dishes. It can be used as an izakaya for adults to enjoy at night and as a place for families to enjoy lunch during the day. From fish dishes to meat dishes and stewed dishes made with the best ingredients and carefully selected soup stock, the food is sure to make your drinks go down a treat!

Restorante Romeo

The restaurant's menu is spiced with local ingredients such as fresh seafood, organic and pesticide-free vegetables, and the bounty of Italy, and can be enjoyed in a spacious and stylish room. The restaurant's motto is "slow food," and you can enjoy a moment of elegance.


Hotel Quest Shimizu

The hotel was established here in 1948 as Takeya Ryokan, its predecessor. Located in front of Shimizu Station, the hotel has been a part of the city of Shimizu, and is a hotel that conveys the charms of Shimizu. The hotel restaurant "Cuomo" offers exquisite Italian cuisine using a variety of local ingredients.

Nihondaira Hotel

A sightseeing hotel in Nihondaira, a famous scenic spot overlooking Suruga Bay and Mt. The hotel offers a wonderful view overlooking Kiyomizu, a beautiful garden, and delicious food along with local Shizuoka sake.

AWA West Izu

Surrounded by Suruga Bay and beautiful mountains in Toda, Nishi-Izu, this retreat-like inn heals the body and soul under the theme of "fermentation. Guests can experience a retreat in Nishi-Izu through hot springs, meals prepared by a chef who holds the "Medichef" certification for healthy eating, and a variety of activities.