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People eat and drink. This is a daily routine that has been carried out for thousands of years. We believe that the value of sake is to make this experience richer and more enjoyable. We believe this is the value of sake. Nara is the birthplace of Japanese sake. Our brewery was founded in 1719. We pursue sake that can only be made in the modern age to become the next tradition. Kaze no Mori was started in 1998 with the desire to make sake made from local rice, freshly pressed, for the local people to enjoy. The name comes from the name of a place in Gosho City, "Kaze no Mori Pass. Located at the foot of the lush green Katsuragi Kongo Mountain, a pleasant breeze blows through the pass all year round. The tradition of Nara sake, established 500 years ago, has been modified with modern technology, and we will continue to take on the challenge of creating the next generation of sake, sake that can only be made in this day and age. Kaze no Mori expresses the difference in taste depending on the type and polish of rice. At ALPHA KAZA NO MORI, we will seek the possibilities of the next sake with flexible ideas and new techniques. Pour the sake into a glass. The color is a transparent lemon yellow. The slight carbon dioxide gas from the fermentation process creates bubbles. When you put it close to your face, you can detect a faint fruity aroma. When you put it in your mouth, the refreshing aroma fills your nose and the voluminous flavor rushes into your mouth. After passing down the throat, there is a lingering acidity that clarifies the palate. Sake that tickles the five senses in a series of movements when drinking. That is Kaze no Mori.


Chobei Yamamoto
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Kisaragi (Kashiwara City / Yamato Yagi)

A famous restaurant where you can enjoy Nara's local sake and sake from all over Japan. The owner also purchases seafood from ports all over Japan. Yamato Chicken and Yamato Beef are also on the menu.

Mitsukan (Kashihara City/Yagi Yamato)

The wide range of drinks, from local sake to Shaoxing wine and Champagne, and the world of Szechuan Chinese cuisine unfolds one after another. Spicy and elegant flavors.

August 31

At-home, locally owned izakaya. Three-minute walk from the warehouse. The dishes carefully prepared by two housewives are exquisite.

A+ has more (アプリュス)

This is a French restaurant attached to the Aburacho Sake Brewery, where you can enjoy Japanese sake.


Nara Hotel

This historic hotel stands on the site of the Daijyoin Temple of Kofukuji in Nara City. World-class cocktails can be enjoyed at THE BAR in the hotel.

RITA Goshomachi

The hotel is a renovated old private house that was once a fountain pen store. Located in Gosho, where the Aburacho Sake Brewery is located, guests can relax at the renovated and reopened public bath "Gosho Takarayu" and enjoy Italian cuisine using local ingredients.

Auberge de Plezance Sakurai

Auberge, a hotel with a restaurant, is located in the countryside of Nara. Guests can enjoy French cuisine using Nara's traditional ingredients while taking in the seasonal scenery.