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In search of terroir (the climate of the ingredients) Sake is made from rice, koji (rice malt) made from rice by craftsmen, and water. Rice is the most important raw material for sake, but not many breweries are actually engaged in rice production. Nagayama Honke Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. established an agricultural production corporation, Domaine Ki, in 2019. Today, delicious sake has become more accessible, but Japanese agriculture is facing a serious lack of successors. At our brewery, we make sake in the winter and young sake brewers sweat in the rice paddies in the summer to cultivate sake rice. We do not believe that sake is only as good as its taste. We believe that the role of a sake brewery is to maintain the beauty of the rural landscape of the town and to make the local people shine. The source of water for the Atsuto River in the Futamatase district of Ube City, where our brewery is located, is Akiyoshidai. The calcium-rich water from the karst plateau brings the best minerals for sake. Our craftsmen and partner farmers who work together to grow rice in the northern area of Ube City use an abundance of Yamada-Nishiki, which they carefully nurture to produce sake. Sake with a soft but core rice flavor. This is what we aim for in our sake brewing, making the most of our "terroir. We are a sake brewery that loves its ingredients and is loved by its ingredients.


Takahiro Nagayama
Takahiro Nagayama
Yamaguchi UBE City Chedi 138Googleマップで開く
Every Saturday and Sunday


n-3troi n-troi (Ube City) French

Owner-chef Kimitaka Nomura honed his skills at the Westin Hotel before returning to his hometown Ube to open n-3troi. His cuisine, which expresses various stories one plate at a time as if he were on a journey, is a continuous source of inspiration, along with the beautiful dishes.

Sakae Fugu (Shunan City)Japanese Cuisine (Fugu)

Yamaguchi Prefecture is the home of fugu (blowfish), but it is surprisingly difficult to find a restaurant that offers the highest level of satisfaction with fugu alone. In this context, Sakae Fugu's course is a restaurant where you can enjoy a truly satisfying course and truly feel that you have come to Yamaguchi Prefecture, the home of fugu.

Kiku Sushi (Ube City)

Sushi restaurant located near Yamaguchi-Ube Airport. They serve the freshest white fish landed in Suo Sea. In particular, the raw sea eel is a gem that can only be found here, close to the market.


Only (Chowan City)

From Shunan City, take the ferry bound for Otsushima to "Horse Island. There is an inn, Tadatada, which is limited to one couple per day. Spend a relaxing time while enjoying the spectacular view of the Seto Inland Sea.

Otaniyama-so (Nagato City)

The guest house is located in the backcountry of Yamaguchi Prefecture, where President Putin and Prime Minister Abe held a meeting. The main building has a large public bath as well as rooms equipped with private baths. There is also an annex called "Otosore" for special guests.

ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Ube

If you are coming for "nobility," go to the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Ube, a guesthouse in Ube. The hotel was designed by Togo Murano, who also designed the main building of the State Guest House in Akasaka. You can enjoy Murano's architecture in Ube, including the Watanabe O Memorial Hall.