choshu shuzo Kabushikigaisha

Choshu Sake Brewery began brewing new sake in 2020, taking over the business of Kodama Sake Brewery, a long-established sake brewery founded in 1871 in Kikugawa-cho, Shimonoseki City. Along with Kodama Shuzo's local brand "Nagato Kikugawa," which had been popular for many years, the new sake produced by Choshu Shuzo is called "Tenbi. The name is derived from one character each from "Amaterasu," an ancient Japanese god, and "Biroku," another name meaning sake, in reference to the sun that nurtures rice plants. In sake brewing, we believe that "a little difference makes a big difference. By carefully building up each small process, we hope to convey the charm of sake to those who love sake as well as to those who have never had it before, and to increase the number of people who drink it. We hope to brew sake that soothes the soul, that gently accompanies you in times of joy and sadness.


Susumu Okamoto
Yamaguchi 72 Yoshika, Kikugawa-cho, Shimonoseki CityGoogleマップで開く


Charcoal Grill Tonogawa

Charcoal Grill Tonogawa is located in the castle town of Chofu, Shimonoseki City. We serve simple, charcoal-grilled dishes of wagyu beef, seafood, and seasonal vegetables carefully selected from all over Japan. The restaurant offers fine foods that are hard to find at home, as well as rare sake, shochu, and ume (plum) wine at affordable prices.

Sushi,肴, Takashi

This sushi restaurant is located in Toyomaeida-cho, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Surrounded on three sides by the sea, Shimonoseki offers a wide variety of local fish, and the owner's Edo-mae techniques shine through in his exquisite sushi. The restaurant also offers many seasonal dishes such as charbroiled, fried, and simmered dishes. We also offer a wide selection of sake, not only from Yamaguchi Prefecture, but also from all over Japan!

fox (esp. the red fox, Vulpes vulpes)

This small restaurant is quietly run by a couple in front of Shimonoseki Station. Three courses (4,000 yen, 5,000 yen, and 6,000 yen) are available, using Shimonoseki fish and seasonal ingredients, and are left to the owner's discretion. We recommend the seafood Kashmiri curry for the end of the meal, which can be reserved. A wide selection of local sake and delicious wines from all over Japan are available.


Chunfan Building

This long-established fugu restaurant was the first restaurant officially licensed to serve fugu in Japan, and was loved by the first Prime Minister, Hirobumi Ito, in 1888. Please enjoy authentic Shimonoseki fugu and delicious local sake from Yamaguchi in a historical setting overlooking the Kanmon Straits.

Kawatana Grand Hotel Otafuku

The gentle waters of the gentle Hibikinada Sea, with the gentle foothills of Atsushima (Kodo Corto) and Kawatana (Kawadana), are watched over by a blue dragon. Guests can choose from a wide variety of room types, including "Honkan Guest Rooms" overlooking the peaceful nature, a variety of "Separate Rooms with Hot Springs," and "Wan Family Rooms" where you can spend time with your dog. You can spend a peaceful time surrounded by the gentleness of Kawatana. A free shuttle bus is available from JR Shin-Shimonoseki Station.

Minososogawa Annex

The closest inn to the Kanmon Straits between Honshu and Kyushu. The Sea of Japan, Seto Inland Sea, Hibikinada, Genkainada, and Suonada. Surrounded by five seas, Shimonoseki is a city of delicacies with abundant ingredients. You can enjoy the seasonal flavors of fresh ingredients to your heart's content. The Kanmon National Highway Tunnel connects Kyushu and Honshu, Approximately 4,800 tons of water per day gushes out of the bedrock at the bottom of the sea, Seventeen pumps are constantly pumping the water out of the tunnel. The Mimososogawa Annex draws water from the seabed of the Kanmon Straits to the large bathhouse, where it is offered as seabed hot water. The water is provided as seabed hot water.