Sumikawa Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.

Located in the northernmost part of Yamaguchi Prefecture, rich in nature, the company will celebrate its 100th year in business in 2021. With the motto of "brewing sake on the high road without being eccentric," we face sake brewing every day with the aim of making sake like "water that has passed through rice plants.


Takafumi Sumikawa
Takafumi Sumikawa
Yamaguchi 611, Oaza-Shonokawa, Hagi, YamaguchiGoogleマップで開く
Saturday afternoon, Sunday, National Holidays


Hagi Sake and Hagi Snacks MARU (Hagi City)

A tavern in Hagi City that carries Toyo Bijin. It is a locally-rooted restaurant where you can taste Hagi's specialties. Because of its location facing the Sea of Japan, the fresh and fatty seafood dishes are very tasty. The sashimi platter, which uses local fish that changes daily, is quite large and allows you to fully enjoy each dish. The restaurant also offers local brand meats such as Choshu chicken, Mutsumi pork, Miran beef, and Nagahagi Wagyu beef, and while the ingredients themselves are superb, there is a wide variety of dishes, all of which are so delicious that you will want to repeat them. The Miran beef nigiri is the best of all, and the moment you put it on your tongue, you will be drowned in the flavor of the meat. A variety of sake is also available, including a set to compare Hagi City's locally brewed sake. Since you can drink small quantities, we recommend pairing it with a variety of dishes.

Cutting and cooking for the sake of morality

Enjoy seasonal dishes and fresh sushi. You will enjoy a wonderful time with our gorgeous cuisine and attentive hospitality served in a luxurious Japanese atmosphere. We can also provide food for celebratory and mourning events, and delivery to your home or venue.

Shimonoseki Fukuro Hyakka Sekitora Honten

This is a restaurant where you can fully enjoy authentic torafuku in a full course. The takifuku sashimi, in particular, is like a work of art, beautifully arranged like a large chrysanthemum flower. The meat, skin, and liver are all presented in a repertoire that will delight your senses. The restaurant is decorated with works of art by Shimonoseki artists, making it like a museum, where you can taste the works of art with your eyes and tongue. You can spend a relaxing time with your loved ones.


Otaniyama-so (Nagato City)

The most luxurious and well-established ryokan in the northern part of the prefecture. You can feel the magnificent nature of Nagato from both the guest rooms and the open-air bath, and enjoy seasonal delicacies from the sea and mountains, as well as sake. The Japanese spirit of harmony can be felt to the fullest at this ryokan, and the attentive hospitality of the staff will give you the best time of your life.

Hagi no Yado Tsunemoe

The luxurious Japanese-style space and the garden that can be seen from the room are overwhelming. It is a well-established inn where you can feel the historic town of Hagi. You can enjoy Hagi's food and sake, and spend a happy time with polite and thoughtful hospitality.

Matsudaya Ryokan

Located in Yuda Onsen, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Matsudaya Hotel is a long-established onsen ryokan with a long history dating back to Enpo 3. Within its spacious grounds are various hot spring facilities, including guest rooms with atmospheric Japanese-style architecture, open-air baths, indoor baths, and saunas. There are various types of guest rooms, including Japanese-style rooms, Western-style rooms, and Japanese-Western-style rooms, each with a different atmosphere. All rooms offer beautiful views and a relaxing atmosphere. In addition, guests can enjoy dishes prepared with fresh local ingredients, especially Kaiseki cuisine that uses a wide variety of seasonal ingredients from Yamaguchi Prefecture. The dishes change with the seasons, making each visit a pleasure. In addition, we also hold a variety of events and entertainment. For example, there are festivals, seasonal cooking parties, hot spring festivals, and other events that allow you to experience local culture and customs. With all the facilities, th

Guggenheimer's Nunnery

Yamaguchi is known for its fugu (blowfish). You can enjoy a full course of natural torafugu using the finest torafugu auctioned off by a long-established fugu wholesaler in Shimonoseki, the home of torafugu, and spend a blissful time enjoying beauty and health healing through hot spring baths and treatments. The town is also dotted with historical buildings such as the five-story pagoda of Ruriko-ji Temple and Ryufuku-ji Temple, as well as facilities that trace the lives of cultural figures such as the Nakaya Nakahara Memorial Museum and Kichu-an (the hermitage of Taneda Yamatohka), making the historic townscape perfect for a stroll.

The residence, the message.

Yumoto is one of the leading hot spring resorts in Yamaguchi Prefecture and boasts 600 years of hot spring history. This hot spring resort was produced by the first-class and prestigious hot spring hotel Otani Sanso based on the concept of "Touji Modern. It expresses today's Touji, incorporating a unique sense of openness and luxury into the "iki" of Japanese culture. Located next to Otani Sanso, you can enjoy a luxurious moment that you would not normally experience while feeling the sound of birds, trees, and fragrances by the clear Otoshin River. The teppan-yaki restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes that will make your heart sing, including kaiseki cuisine that allows you to fully enjoy the flavors of Yamaguchi, locally produced beef, and other carefully selected ingredients cooked right in front of your eyes. The spacious rooms are designed to allow you to fully enjoy the natural surroundings, and the starry sky from the open-air bath is sure to soothe your soul.