Shodoshima Shuzo Co.,Ltd

We moved to Shodoshima Island in search of good water, and with the support of the local people, we have revived the local sake of the island. We love Shodoshima, and while preserving its traditions, we are always looking to the future in our pursuit of ideal sake brewing. Shodoshima's beautiful nature, culture, and peaceful people. From the charming island of Shodoshima We are a new brewery that proposes a rich lifestyle with sake, and brings people together from all over the country to meet each other. With the motto of "fun sake brewing," our young staff, mainly female immigrants with new ideas, and under the guidance of a seasonal toji from Tajima, work as a team to preserve the local sake brewing traditions of Shodoshima.


Yoshitaka Kaneko
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Creative Local Cuisine Calendar

This is a restaurant of creative local cuisine where you can taste the food and customs of Shodoshima as depicted in the literature of Shodoshima writer Sakae Tsuboi, known for "Twenty-Four Eyes," its historical food industry of soy sauce, somen noodles, sesame oil, olive oil, tsukudani, and other ingredients rich in fish, vegetables, rice, etc. Please spend a relaxing time in the space with a view of the sea, which was renovated from an old private house.

Ristorante FURYU

FURYU is a house ristorante located on Shodoshima, an island in the Seto Inland Sea. FURYU is inspired by southern Italy and offers dishes that make the most of the ingredients and the bounty of nature. We moved to Shodoshima with the desire to "create a restaurant in a rich natural climate. FURYU carefully selects the freshest and most reliable ingredients from Shodoshima and Shikoku for our cuisine. Of course, there are times when ingredients unique to Italian cuisine are not always available, but we do our best to substitute them, and if we don't have them, we make them ourselves. We emphasize the importance of enjoying the original taste of the ingredients through simple cooking methods and time-consuming efforts.

Japanese Cuisine Shimakatsu

We are a Japanese restaurant focusing on local fish. We work hard every day from early in the morning to prepare the food. It was delicious! These are the words we want to hear from our customers, so we do our best. When you come to Shodoshima, please come to Shimakatsu! (Please enjoy your favorite dishes (a la carte, lunch, course, kaiseki, or omakase).


Shodoshima Yurusato

In the Seto Inland Sea is Higashiura on Shodoshima Island. Iwagaya, a village surrounded by a group of leftover stones and megaliths that have stood quietly for a long time. The calm Seto Inland Sea spreads out before your eyes. At "Yurusato," a 90-year old house that has been restored, you will be greeted by a display shelf and counter made of soy sauce barrels that have outlived their usefulness, as well as numerous works by local craftspeople. In winter, you can be healed by the fire of a wood stove, and in summer, you can play on the beach. In the morning you can watch the sunrise, and at night you can quietly listen to the sound of the waves. Please enjoy your stay in a private space surrounded by nature.

Bay Resort Hotel Shodoshima

The open-plan guest rooms with ocean views are full of oriental charm. The view of the mountains of Kankuro-kei and Uchinomi Bay, the quietest bay in the Seto Inland Sea, from the large windows is a campus of nature that is generously painted. Enjoy a buffet featuring fresh fish from the Seto Inland Sea, handmade tofu that goes perfectly with the famous Moromi soy sauce, and other delicacies, or kaiseki cuisine prepared by our executive chef using seafood from the Seto Inland Sea and other island specialties. Enjoy the breeze of the Seto Inland Sea all to yourself in your own outdoor bath overlooking the ocean! Enjoy the warm atmosphere of the log house-style baths, Enjoy a relaxing soak in this log house-style bath.

Shodoshima Seaside Hotel Matsukaze

Shoukaze has been in business as a guest house since 1967. It became a ryokan in pursuit of coziness without changing the warmth like a client family. The guests who visit us here are our precious "family" and Shofu welcomes them as if they were a family returning home, treats them as if they were a family making themselves at home, and sees them off as if they were a family going out. We cannot offer surprising hospitality, but we want to be an inn that is casually nostalgic and gently, gently nestles in.