Arisawa Co.,Ltd

Founded in 1877. Currently, Kosuke Arisawa, the fifth generation head of the company, is the toji (master brewer) and produces the sake brands "Bunkajin" and "Narukomai". We aim to produce beautiful sake with a cool and refreshing taste that you will never get tired of drinking.


Kosuke Arisawa
Kosuke Arisawa
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Ginjo Sake Bar Bokusan

The master's passion for Tosa sake is evident in the extensive lineup. There is no menu for either drinks or food, but the Tosa Sake and snacks are served according to the customer's preference that day, and the Tosa Sake discussions are fun, making it a comfortable bar where one can easily linger.

resort dining Se Relaxer

From meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits to seasonings, this casual restaurant focuses on Kochi Prefecture products as much as possible, making the most of the ingredients to create dishes that go perfectly with Kochi sake. From the beautiful seasonal salads to the roasted Tosa red cow to the desserts, this cozy restaurant is filled with the owner-chef's specialties.

Local Sake & Home Cooking Nagi

A good selection of Kochi sake as well as carefully selected Kochi sake from outside of Kochi is available. The sashimi is of course delicious, but the mapo tofu is also a must-try. Enjoy delicious drinks and food in a cozy, refreshing, and friendly atmosphere.


Tosa Giraffe Specialty Inn "Giraffe's Home

Hatayama Yumeura, an agricultural corporation specializing in raising, processing, and selling the meat of the Tosa Jiro, Kochi Prefecture's locally raised chicken, is directly operated in the production area and is open to only two couples per day. The restaurant offers a full course meal including charbroiled meat, in which 12 parts of the meat are grilled in front of the guests by Seiichi Komatsu, a producer who is also called a "master". While grilling, he will talk about the ecology and characteristics of the Tosa Jiro, how to cook it well, and life in the mountains.

Ghibier and country living [Nooks Kitchen & Lodge].

Only one guest per day/ This accommodation specializes in gibier cuisine and stands in a small village. It is a spacious place with a view of the satoyama landscape spreading out in all directions. Within a 10-minute walk, there are mountains and a river, so you can enjoy the countryside by taking a walk in nature, harvesting vegetables from our own vegetable garden, and collecting free-range eggs. You can enjoy a full meal of carefully selected wild game, seasonal vegetables, freshly produced eggs, and desserts.

Kochi Youth Hostel Sake no Kuni Kyowa Kuni

Kochi Youth Hostel is located about 2 km west of Kochi Station, conveniently located for Kochi Castle, Sunday Market, and downtown. A short walk away, you can see Katsurahama beach, the Pacific Ocean, Makino Botanical Garden, Ryukawadou Cave, and the Yosakoi Festival in the summer. The manager used to work for a sake brewer, so you can learn a lot about the traditional Japanese sake industry in a wooden building with the aroma of wood, reminiscent of a brewery. Please come to Kochi.