Gochoda Brewery

<Philosophy>"Brewing good sake through the unity of people, rice, and brewing    Our motto is "brewing sake that grows from the rice. <Our commitment (1) Our commitment to rice cultivation: Yamada-Nishiki sake rice is grown in the rice paddies surrounding the brewery by the brewery staff and members of the local cultivation society. By keeping track of the temperature, climate, and rice conditions of the year, we are able to predict how well the rice will melt that year. We also insist on milling all rice in-house. We use our own original tools, such as a "square wooden steamer" for uniform steaming and an "original ginjo brewing tank" designed for easy convection inside. <History> Founded in 1922 as a branch of the Segashira Brewery, the company began cultivating Yamada-Nishiki in 1988, when it was difficult to obtain in the prefecture. <The brand name "Toichi" expresses our desire to become the best sake in the East. The original brand name was "Nippon Ichi" when the company was founded. We named our sake "Toichi" with the aim of becoming the best in the East in a wider area than Japan.


Ippei Setoh
Kazuyuki Itoyama
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Teppanyaki Dining Saga "Takesai

Located in the Garden Terrace Saga Hotel & Resort, this restaurant offers the best of Saga's seasonal produce and sake. We hope you will enjoy our delicious Saga beef, fresh seasonal vegetables and seafood, and Saga sake.


RAKUTEI is attached to Kappo Kiyokawa. We recommend the monthly "Shunsaizen," which uses seasonal ingredients.

Chinese Cuisine

Only omakase courses are available that make the most of local ingredients, and each dish is filled with the chef's passion. Please enjoy them with not only Shaoxing sake but also Saga sake.


Garden Terrace Saga Hotel & Resort

This elegant hotel offers a "local, culinary, and beautiful" experience dedicated to Saga. There is also a sake bath where you can fill up with Saga sake and enjoy it. The Teppan Dining Saga Chikusai on the premises offers the best of Saga's seasonal ingredients and sake, so please enjoy the tastes of Saga to your heart's content.

Warakuen (Ureshino Onsen Chashin no Yado)

Not only can you drink Ureshino's specialty tea, but you can also enjoy it in the open-air bath. In addition, Teppan-yaki "En" restaurant on the premises offers Japanese Kaiseki dishes and Saga beef steaks, as well as Saga's local sake. Toichi's sake is available in Daiginjo and Yamadanishiki Junmai. We hope you will enjoy the abundance of Saga's ingredients along with our delicious cuisine.

Taisho dealer

This is a long-established ryokan with a quiet atmosphere surrounded by greenery in Ureshino Onsen, which has been established for about 100 years. The large bathhouse with its own hot spring has a view of a Japanese garden with greenery planted in it. Please enjoy Japanese Kaiseki (Japanese style dishes) such as Yudofu and Saga's Japanese sake.

Ureshino 88 (Yadoya)

All 36 rooms are equipped with hot spring water from the source to soothe you. There is also a tea-aroma sauna where you can condition your body to your heart's content. Please enjoy your meal with a glass of Saga's local sake.