Baba Brewery

Brewer's Tale  I am Baba Shuzojo, the brewer of the sake "Nogomi". Our brewery is located in Kashima City in southwestern Saga Prefecture, facing the Ariake Sea, a sea of fertility.  Our flagship brand "Nokomi" was created by the 8th generation of the current president and toji, Baba Daiichiro. This was due to the circumstances of the time when the 8th generation was young. At the time, sales were in steady decline and our company's survival was in jeopardy due to the lack of successors at the sake retailers we did business with. Furthermore, after the bursting of the bubble economy, liquor prices were liberalized, and major companies were selling regular sake at low prices. The 8th generation of the family decided to rethink the style of Baba Sake Brewery, and decided to "make sake that I want to make, sake that I have a passion for. After seven years of persuading the JA and local farmers, our brand was finally born. This is how the history of "Nogomi," which is derived from the former name of the place "Nogomi Village," began, filled with the thoughts and techniques of the local farmers and our brewers.  In the near future, the baton will be passed on to the ninth generation, Baba Takeichiro. We hope to make "Nokomi" even more beloved by everyone, both father and son, and by all of our employees. The thoughts of Baba Sake Brewery <Sake rooted in the culture of Saga  Saga Prefecture, a primary industrial area, is home to many delicious agricultural products, marine products, and livestock products. Our sake is basically a slightly sweet sake to match the ingredients and strong flavors of Saga. As we have a brewery in Saga, we will continue to pursue sake that is rooted in the culture, ingredients, and region of Saga. <Food and Sake  Our sake "Nokomi" is made to be enjoyed with food. Our sake "Nokomi" is made to be enjoyed with meals. Our goal is to create a sake that is easy to drink two or three cups at a time. The company president's desire to make the meal the star of the show is expressed in the current "Nokomi. With so many different types of sake on the market, it would be ideal if people would return to our sake at the end of the day. <Human and Sake  Sake is served at everyday tables, in pubs, and on festive occasions. We want people to drink "Nokomi" at such happy and joyful times. We want to preserve sake as a part of Japanese culture, a culture that brings people together. We want to be a brewery that is close to our customers in order to realize our company's vision.


Daiichiro Baba
Daiichiro Baba
Saga Mikawachi, Kashima CityGoogleマップで開く
8:00 to 17:00
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays


Cut and Cook Central

Kappo is a kappo restaurant in Kashima City, Saga Prefecture, Japan. You can enjoy the delicious taste of the cuisine, and moreover, you can enjoy dishes unique to the center using ingredients from the Ariake Sea. Our sake "Nokomi" is also available.


It was opened in January 2021 next to Hizenhama Station in Kashima City, Saga Prefecture. You can compare local Kashima sake. There are also some snacks available!

Shokurakutei Kokoro

Shokurakutei Kokoro is located near Hizen Kashima Station in Kashima City, Saga Prefecture. You can enjoy delicious seafood and seafood dishes. Our sake "Nokomi" is also available at this restaurant.


Tara Takesaki Onsen Ryokan Tsurusou

Tsuruso is located in Tara-machi, Fujitsu-gun, Saga Prefecture (adjacent to Kashima City). This onsen ryokan offers Takezaki crab dishes. We also have a sake plan for sake lovers.

Takeo Onsen Hotel Shunkeiya

Takeo Onsen is the only hot spring in Japan that has an open-air bath with a 100% free-flowing hot-spring water view. We have been certified as a designated restaurant for Saga beef, and our food is delicious. Our sake "Nokomi" is also available.

Saga Ureshino Onsen Chashin no Yado Warakuen

Ureshino hot spring is famous throughout Japan as a hot spring for beautiful skin. Chashin no Yado Warakuen is an inn where you can enjoy a tea bath soaked in tea from Ureshino, the tea capital of Japan. Our sake "Nokomi" is also available.