Koueigiku Sake Brewery

A sake brewery born in 2019. Touji Katsuaki Yamamoto will continue to create new sake that has never existed before.


Satoshi Kusaka
Katsuaki Yamamoto
Saga Kojima, Mikazuki-cho, a small cityGoogleマップで開く


Meat Bar Bon

This barbecue bar is located in Saga City, where you can enjoy rare "Shiroishi Beef" and natural wine. Shiroishi Beef" has a rich meaty flavor, yet somehow it is so light that you can eat as much as you want, making it addictive. The restaurant always has more than 700 bottles of wine on hand to pair with the meat, including natural wines that will make even the most discerning wine connoisseur swoon. Many people from outside of the prefecture come to the restaurant to enjoy the natural wines.

yakiniku garden

This yakiniku restaurant in Ogi City, where the warehouse is located, is always crowded with local customers. All the meats and dishes are delicious, but the halami and tongue stew are the best. The restaurant has been a source of stamina for everyone at Kura, and we use it at every important occasion.

Kaji synergy restaurant

Kajishinazi Restaurant in Takeo City offers seasonal views of Mifuneyama Rakuen and Saga's unique gastronomy and wine. Sommelier and owner-chef Daisuke Kajiwara prepares and arranges meat, fish, and vegetables from Saga with great care on Takeo, Karatsu, Imari, and Arita dishes. The dishes are delicious and enjoyable enough on their own, but what is surprising is the ingenuity with which the meat, vegetables, and seafood, parts that would normally be discarded, are made into delicious dishes. Outside the window, wild flowers and trees change from season to season, and if you listen carefully, you can hear the birds playing in the Mifuneyama Paradise. And the charm of Saga on the plate. You will be able to taste and experience all of these together.


roofed corridor connecting two buildings (in traditional palatial-style architecture)

The resort inn "Kani Goten" is located in Tara-cho, on the border between Saga and Nagasaki prefectures. The Ariake Sea stretching out before your eyes is rich in foodstuffs such as Takezaki crabs and oysters. Takezaki crab is a specialty of Tara-cho, Saga Prefecture, where Crab Goten is located. It is a type of blue crab called gazami, and those caught in the waters near the Takezaki district of Tara-cho are especially prized and called Takezaki crabs. Crab Goten is equipped with a fish tank to minimize stress on the crabs, so you can enjoy Takezaki crabs in better condition. The baths and sauna with a full ocean view of the ebbing and flowing Ariake Sea and Mount Fugen are also wonderful.

Karatsu Cuisine Inn Matsu-no-i

This restaurant is located in Karatsu City and offers carefully selected "Karatsu Kaiseki Kuzushi" under the concept of "the best of the season with Karatsu porcelain. The restaurant offers fresh natural fish and shellfish caught in the Genkai Sea as its main ingredients, as well as the lingering flavors of ingredients from the mountains and the sea. The dishes are also served on excellent tableware and sake cups, with works by the founder of the Karatsu ware industry, Nakazato Muan (Living National Treasure, Mr. Tarouemon Nakazato XII), as well as works by up-and-coming artists, adorning the dishes. You can feel the season of Karatsu together with Karatsuyaki that fascinates you with its many expressions.

Ryokan Akebono

Built in the early Showa period (early 20th century), this modern Japanese-style inn in the center of Saga City was created in the Japanese style, yet skillfully incorporates Western influences. The furnishings evoke a sense of history, while the seasonal cuisine is unique to Saga. The restaurant offers rare seafood from the Ariake Sea, the "treasure sea," such as mutsugorou, warasubo, and kuchizoko, as well as Saga nori (laver). Saga beef is one of the highest quality beef in Japan. Fresh vegetables and rice from the Saga Plain. Dishes using abundant ingredients from Saga Prefecture are served on plates made by local ceramic artists, allowing you to enjoy the taste of Saga with both your eyes and your taste buds.