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Mori Sake Brewery was founded in 1895. Its hometown, Hirado City in Nagasaki Prefecture, is a port town that prospered as a center of the Nanban trade from ancient times, and is also known as the place where Christian missionary work began, with brick buildings and churches throughout the town giving a sense of Western culture. Near the port is Hirado Castle, an exotic castle town that also prospered as a castle town. Mori Sake Brewery is located at the foot of Hirado Castle, and has long been engaged in sake brewing with a focus on local distribution. Currently, the company is expanding its business not only locally but also nationally under the brand name "Hiran" with the aim of introducing sake that makes the most of local ingredients to the rest of the world. The company's management philosophy is "Sake brewing that connects and bonds. This is based on the idea of cherishing the bonds with people connected by fate and passing on the sake brewing born of these bonds to the next generation, which in turn will repay the people and the region to which they are connected. The concept behind Hiran's sake brewing is "brewing sake that expresses the climate of Hirado. Hirado was originally called "Hirando" (Hiran Island), and it is said in one theory that the name of the place was changed to the current Hirado in the course of history. The reason why we chose the brand name "Hiran" is because it was the most suitable name for our concept, and also because it reflects our desire to create sake that will spread its wings to the world. Hirado is a wonderful place surrounded by the sea and mountains, with abundant nature and ingredients that make it a one-of-a-kind place. Sake brewing that takes advantage of such local charms (rice, water, and bacteria) will create a one-of-a-kind product, and people who drink Tobiran will want to go to Hirado and visit Hirado from all over the world. We believe that our contribution to the local community and our ability to attract people to Hirado is a major contribution to the value of our existence. Our company's sake brewing and desire is to continue to be the "only one" by focusing on and mastering "sake brewing that expresses the climate of Hirado".


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Creation and Food Dining Tsubaki

The dishes created by the owner, who was trained under Rokusaburo Dojo, make full use of the quality of Hirado ingredients, and are sure to satisfy you. In particular, the roast beef using Hirado beef has a delicious flavor that melts in your mouth along with the flavor of the beef.


This Japanese restaurant is located in the mountains of Hirado and is open by reservation only. The restaurant offers a sumptuous course menu featuring home-grown seasonal vegetables, fresh seafood, and meat.

Yakiniku Suzu

This restaurant offers a sumptuous selection of Nagasaki Wagyu beef, including Hirado beef. A wide variety of seasonings from various parts of the beef bring out the full potential of the meat, and even the same part of the beef can be enjoyed in many different ways.


Hirado Marine Hotel

You can take a bath while viewing the Hirado Ohashi Bridge and other illuminated tourist attractions at the place closest to the sea.

Hotel Ayayo

This is the closest hotel to Hirado Castle and the best hotel for sightseeing in the city of Hirado, with excellent access to the castle town and port town. The view of the Hirado sea and castle from the open-air bath is spectacular, and you can also enjoy Hirado's local cuisine.

Samson Hotel

The hotel is located just before crossing over to Hirado Island, and is designed to overlook the island. The night view of Hirado Island seen from the open-air bath is a wonderful sight that cannot be experienced if you are on Hirado Island. The large public bath is fully equipped with sauna, electric bath, etc., and the sauna life is attractive as you cool off in the sea breeze.