Yoshidaya Co.

Limited Partnership Yoshidaya was founded in 1917. It celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2017. It is located in Arike-cho, located in the southern part of the Shimabara Peninsula, known for its famous water. The company uses water from its own well, which is fed by subterranean water from Unzen, as brewing water. Sake is pressed using the "Hanegi Shibori" technique, which is now rare. In addition, flower yeast isolated from flowers is used. Although we are a small sake brewery with a production of only 90 koku, we will continue to challenge ourselves in many different ways, valuing the "persistence that can be achieved because of our small size.


Yoshiaki Yoshida
Yoshiaki Yoshida
Nagasaki 785 Yamakawa, Ariya-cho, Minami Shimabara CityGoogleマップで開く


Ikebayaki Amimoto

Ikebushi Cuisine Robata Yaki Amimoto" offers fresh seafood at reasonable prices. Amimoto" features seafood from the Ariake Sea landed in Shimabara City and Minami-Shimabara City, such as seasonal blue crab and Hashiri octopus, which can be selected and prepared in front of you. They will respond to your requests such as boiled or tempura. Also, beginners will be glad to know that depending on the type of fish, they can give you recommendations such as "grilled with salt as it is" or "tempura because it goes well with oil.

Tempura Restaurant Yume-Kaze

We are a tempura restaurant that uses fish and organic vegetables caught in Omura Bay. Not only the ingredients, but also the oil used for frying is Goto camellia oil, and natural salt from Goto is used. The soy sauce used for tempura sauce is from Shodoshima. Please enjoy it with the sake recommended by the master, who also cares about sake.

small bee

A very popular izakaya where you can enjoy small bowls of food prepared with care and attention to each dish. We recommend you to try our delicious dishes no matter what you eat. There is also a counter so that you can enjoy the food even if you are alone. Speaking of KOBACHI, "kettle nabe" is really a nabe in a kettle! The soup is made by boiling chicken and vegetables for a long time, and the flavor extract is concentrated in the soup! Try drinking the soup first, just like pouring hot water from a kettle.


Inasa Kanko Hotel

Inasa-yama Kanko Hotel was recognized as one of the world's new top three nightscapes, Inasa, which has been recognized as one of the world's top three nightscapes, It is a homey hotel. The hotel offers a spectacular night view and the blue sea with the occasional sound of a steam whistle, The large public bath with a view, the garden open-air bath, and the delicious cuisine made from local ingredients, and delicious cuisine prepared with local ingredients. We will entertain you with our wholehearted hospitality.

Hotel Nanfuro

Although the appearance of the inn is a little bit old, it is not boring anymore! Facilities full of entertainment There is a kids' corner and a hot spring bath. This is a hotel that can be enjoyed by parents and children of all ages, from small children to grandparents. The meals are prepared by a chef who honed his skills at a long-established ryotei restaurant in Kyoto, and you can enjoy creative kaiseki cuisine with a rich local flavor, using fresh, seasonal ingredients from the Shimabara Peninsula, surrounded by the sea and mountains.

Hotel Kunisaki

We are a small, adult, secluded inn located in Obama Onsen, Unzen City, Nagasaki Prefecture. We welcome you with traditional hot spring baths and local cuisine using ingredients from the Shimabara Peninsula. Please enjoy a relaxing time away from everyday life. Three types of private baths are available, each with a different flavor. Our meals are prepared with seafood from the local waters, vegetables and rice from the Shimabara Peninsula, and Nagasaki Japanese beef. You can enjoy local specialties using Nagasaki Wagyu beef and vegetables from the Shimabara Peninsula, as well as seafood from the local waters.