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Creating a future where Oga becomes a "sacred place for sake We, "Rice and Agave", are a craft saké brewery established in the fall of 2021 in Oga, Akita Prefecture. Craft saké" is a new genre of sake based on sake production techniques or by adding secondary ingredients to sake. In Japan today, promising brewers are starting and developing businesses in this genre one after another. We, Rice and Agave, are one of them.  Currently in Japan, new licenses to brew sake are not permitted in principle. This means that new breweries like ours cannot make sake. However, due to a change in the law in April 2020, licenses can now be issued with the condition that they are for export overseas. Ina and Agave intend to take advantage of this new license to make sake for export, and thereby make the world more aware of the appeal of sake.  I am originally from Fukuoka Prefecture, but since moving to Akita in 2014 to work for a sake brewing company there, my life has been enriched by the support of many people in this region. The reason I started my business in Akita is to repay this debt of gratitude.  The peninsula of Oga has no major industry, and with a rapidly declining population, a future of gradual disappearance looms. However, the peninsula has a charm that no other region can match. The peninsula has a unique culture that was born when shipping was the main means of transportation, and developed uniquely because it was left out of the urban centers as land routes were developed.  Rice and Agave's business philosophy is "Brewing the Climate of Oga This has two meanings. The first is to brew sake that captures the climate of Oga in its bottle. In order to achieve this, it is essential to understand the land of Oga through interaction with the local people. The second is to continue to create businesses that excite many people, not limited to sake production. We believe that this will encourage people to interact with each other and enrich this land for the future, which is also part of "brewing the climate of Oga. Based on this philosophy, we have three main goals Creation of new sake special zones The Oga Sake City Concept Creation of human resources for the future of the region The realization of the three business concepts will be the foundation of Oga's future after we die. In the future after we are gone, people from all over the world will be able to see Oga as a place to live, work, and play.


Shuhei Okazumi
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