Nishi Shuzo

The Truth of Nature We are sincerely committed to nature's bounty and respect the principles of nature, We pursue the deliciousness that can only be brewed in Kagoshima, which has a blessed climate. The brewer's commitment Sake is brewed by small lives. Sake is brewed by human hands. We will be respectful, talk with the raw materials that nature has given us, and watch over them gently and sometimes strictly to ensure that fermentation is optimal.


Yoichiro Nishi
Kagoshima 4970-17, Fukiami-cho and Kurama, Hioki CityGoogleマップで開く


Shochu and Oden Apples

It is a beautiful restaurant with the warmth of wood. It is not a large restaurant, so it is the kind of place where you can go with someone really close to you and feel relaxed. As the name of the restaurant suggests, the specialty is oden with a broth made from dried bonito flakes. The owner is very knowledgeable about shochu, so she will recommend the best shochu to suit the dish and the customer's mood. The dishes are also very particular, and all of them go well with sake.

~Ma Shin Soraku~ Eitan

There are just so many kinds of shochu. You cannot drink all the shochu recommended by the owner in one visit. The service is also very pleasant, and the food is delicious. There are many seats with horikotatsu, so everyone can have a good time together. The restaurant offers a wide variety of delicious Kagoshima local cuisine, making it a great place to visit when traveling.

my lover, Wakana

If you want to eat local cuisine in Kagoshima, this is the place to go! This restaurant is so famous that it is called "the place to go if you want to eat local cuisine in Kagoshima! You can enjoy local ingredients such as Japanese black beef, Kurobuta pork, Jidori chicken, Kibinago (soft roe) dishes, and broken-necked mackerel. Many of the dishes have a gentle sweet flavor typical of Kagoshima, and all the a la carte dishes are delicious. There is also a good selection of shochu.


REM Kagoshima

It is located along the train street in Tenmonkan, which is easy to find and very convenient because there are many restaurants around. As a new hotel, the exterior is very stylish, and the guest rooms are simple and free of unnecessary things, allowing you to concentrate on your sleep, just like the name of the hotel, REM. Also, even the day after drinking, you can refresh yourself with delicious Tully's coffee, and if you want to eat well, there are pancakes, salads, and yogurt, which are just the right amount. I would use this hotel for both business and travel.

Fukiage Onsen Midorisou

An hour's drive from the center of Kagoshima City, this traditional hot spring inn is located in the mountains, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The hot spring is a genuine 100% hydrogen sulfide simple alkaline spring, which makes your skin moist. You can relax in the open-air bath while listening to the sound of the wind, rustling of the trees, and birdsong. The guest rooms are detached, purely Japanese style, with windows from which you can view the nature of the four seasons. There is also a guest room called Momiji-no-ma (Maple Room) where great writers have stayed.

Blow up the sand dune.

Reasonably priced accommodations. It is easily accessible to the Nansatsu area and Kagoshima City. The natural sulfur hot spring will make your skin smooth. The vast East China Sea stretches out in front of you from the window of the facility or if you take a short walk. On a fine day, you can see the setting sun on the horizon. From this year, the museum is closed on Thursdays. Please inquire at the accommodation facility for other closing days depending on the season.